GOODASKOOL: Goodaboom Painting School opens its doors!

I took a great decision yesterday: Goodaboom will open a painting school! Actually I have not the slightest idea how I will do it, but I will! At least I will try…

I already opened a painting school, here, in Albir (Spain), 3 years ago. It was a real one, with real teachers and real lessons, which took place in my Art Studio. But it was surely unlike any other school. I would say, it even had a surrealistic component due to the diversity of my pupils. They came from many different countries and the lessons had to be held simultaneously in English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian and even Brazilian.
I remember one special lesson, it was a small beginners group, consisting of a 79 year old English man, a Brazilian Boy (6), a Norwegian girl (22), a Russian girl (14) and a German man (44). It was so funny to see how the old English guy was always lurking around his class mates work, especially the youngest boy´s drawings, and saying:
“Oh God, he is better than me!”

These lessons were a wonderful experience for me, I learned a lot, about teaching, about human nature, and even about painting! But unfortunately most of my pupils were rather old people, who wanted to do something with their retirement. Kind people, always, and I admired their will, enthusiasm and efforts, as most of them had the drawing level of a 5 year old child. I ran the school for two years, but then I stopped, the main reason being that it was too difficult to organise. Due to their age, my pupils were often ill and missed the school too often. Or they had guests and family coming from their homeland. Or they had to go to some friends funerals (!). Or, like the old English guy, they never returned due to being intimidated by younger talents! Or whatever! Another reason why I stopped was that it exhausted me too much. I always tried to give my full, “personalised”attention to everybody, which implicitly meant I stepped inside their souls, their needs, their difficulties, and even their complexes. After a two hour lesson, I felt totally empty, as if they had sucked my identity out of me, and I always needed the whole day to become myself again. As I gave lessons three times the week, and also regularly gave some workhops at the weekends, I spent half of the week “outside myself”, which automatically led to a kind of schizophrenia which impeded my thinking and even painting.

Everybody was very sad when I decided to close the school, including myself of course. They all tried to make me change my mind, and even today I have former pupils asking me to start again.

So, now I am here again. Why suddenly? Well, last week I had an interesting conversation with a German man in the Street Gallery. About his watercolour lessons. And his frustration. He tried to convince me to give him lessons, but I let him go with a “No”. A “No” which hurt me in the soul, and it was not the first time. The quantity of people wanting to learn drawing or painting is tremendous, the quantity of painting schools is minimal. So yesterday I suddenly thought, that I could again open my painting school. That Planet Goodaboom would be a fantastic platform for it. And a wonderful location for bored or undisciplined pupils by the way: they can escape to the Postermanium, to Kevin´s videodrome, or to my Galleries.

But… how to do it now?
Well, I think the answer will change dynamically with the demand, at least at the beginning. But first of all I will deeply think about it, especially how to start it. So don´t wonder if I- your painting teacher- disappear again for a while from the surface of Planet Goodaboom. If you need her, you can always contact Miki, she is the school boss and can answer any question. She would be happy about any ideas!
See you soon at GOODASKOOL!


PS: I´m sure, you will ask: HOW MUCH?
We will see. Certainly free of charge at the beginning!

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