First Step to Goodaskool

In the meantime I have thought a little bit about Goodaskool, my painting school. It is quite difficult to start, above all because our site Goodaboom is so young, published only about one month ago, and consequently still has low traffic . But one thing is sure: I definitely want to adapt the school to the needs of the hobby painters, as most of those I met in the “real world” going to a painting school or taking lessons were quite frustrated. So unlike in a normal school, YOU should DECIDE what will be taught
So I think I will put a form online asking that the interested persons consult me and give me info about which kind of lessons they would like to attend.
Soon I will also put online my first service, proposing you to send me a painting or a drawing. I will send it back, with corrections or comments, whatever you want.

By the way: look on Planet Goodaboom in the section “Give me a Title”, a competition requiring some imagination and thought. You can win a Miki hand-signed print of the painting featured there!


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