Goodaskool – Drawing lesson on Earth

Fate plays strange games with me. In the instant that I wanted to open a
painting school on Planet Goodaboom, I was “forced” to reopen my
drawing school on Earth. I think I told you of it in a previous entry: a
German man insisted on getting lessons from me and I could not refuse! He
wanted them so much, and I am always ready to help and support people who
really want something, and not only to follow a mood or a mode.

We were lucky: our first lesson took place on a sunny, warm and wind
free day, with views to the sea and the mountains behind. Coming from
an architectural field, my pupil already has a solid background in
drawing, and he just wants to learn a more artistic way of doing it.
He showed me the last pictures he drew, from Altea, a wonderful
spanish village here. The drawing was perfectly correct, dimensions
and perspective were right, but the whole lacked any artistic
impression. It simply was “too” correct, and looked indeed like a
technical drawing. And it took hours to reach such (useless)

I already had such pupils in the past, architects and engineers, all with
the same problem. Even my former colleague, a Russian painter with
an engineering background, a very talented drawer of people, found it
difficult to free himself from all the “straight lines” when he was
drawing landscapes or still lifes…

And straight lines are poison: they kill the vivacity of a drawing!

I have decided to start Goodaskool giving a first lesson consisting
of some tips for architects and engineers, in fact all of you whose
drawings are lacking in vivacity and spontaneity. I hope that someone
outside there will find them useful!


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3 Responses to “Goodaskool – Drawing lesson on Earth”

  1. madwoman1986 Says:

    hello miki. i checked your website and submitted my title for your work. that painting really felt heavy.

    anyway,i linked you to my blog so i could check it anytime. i found some really useful tips. thanks for the comment! by the way, how did you find my blog? and do you give online lessons?

  2. Goodaboom Says:

    Thanks for the good title!
    Yes, I give lessons online, to the people who read my blog goodaskool.wordpress.


  3. Fligaftesialf Says:

    To me it is necessary to find

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