GOODASKOOL – There is Hope in Repetition!

Last wednesday I had the second drawing lesson with my German pupil Hans, who weeks before convinced me to reopen my art school on Earth. We went back to the place where I held the first lesson, the aim being this time to make a new, bigger drawing of the same theme and then to colour it with pastel chalks. Fact is, we hardly had time to come to the colours as we lost ourselves in more or less philosophical contemplations of the mountains lines…

In the first lesson i taught him how to draw blind. He showed me how he practised at home to draw blind the mountain line in front of his flat.


He noticed that he had a repetitive error in his drawing, and he thought about a way to find this error and how to correct it. He found indeed a very effective method. I won´t tell you now how he did it – I´ll use his method in one of my lessons “Key to Drawing” -but I must say: I was quite amazed.

There is a phenomenon which you can find everywhere: the training of your own errors. When you practise something -drawing, music, the golf swing, …-and you don´t notice your errors or notice them but can´t locate them, the only thing you practise exactly is… your errors! This is what generally happens to autodidacts, when they don´t´have such an analytical mind as Hans. A quite dramatic effect, indeed: the more you work, the worse is the result!

Anyway: Hans´ method worked fantastically. After repeating the mountain lines blind 5 times, it looked exactly like the real one: the seismograph was working perfectly!

Sp please, if you are an autodidact in whatever you try, and quite frustrated noticing that the more you practise, the worse you become, be sure that you have a kind of repetitive error. The first thing to do is to find it, and then you will surely find a way to repair it! And then, yes, there is hope in repetition!




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