GOODASKOOL: A New pupil has joined!

I have just received from the other side of the world – the Philippines, I think- a very nice mail with the following words:

“…I get good tips/lessons from your sessions with your German student, Hans. It’s like I’m learning from his experience… anyway, thank you. i’m also pleased to meet you Miki!…”

I don´t really know how I should call my new pupil, but there is this wonderful word “Angely” within her name, so I will call her Angely.

Also: You are very welcome, Miss Angely, and I am sure, that Hans will be very happy to have a companion at school. The good thing being, that he will still get my full attention when we have a lesson, as Angely “only” attends the school in cyberspace, and surely at a different time… sorry , I´m so bad at geography: how late is it now in the Philippines, Angely?

One to one lessons are very good as the teacher is totally focused on you, but the bad thing is that you can´t look at other pupils work, which is a good part of the fun and of the learning process also.
As I ran my drawing school here in Spain, I used to spend the last 5 minutes of each lesson exhibiting the daily work of my pupils. It was so fascinating to see how people treated the same theme with the same instructions in such different ways! Perhaps this was the part of my teaching work that I most enjoyed!
Each trimester I also used to make an exhibition of the best works in my (real) Gallery. I also featured my best pupil – who was voted by democratic election by us all- giving him one wall for a week. And sometimes, they even sold one of their paintings: you can imagine how proud they were… and me too!!!!!!!!

I dream to repeat this experience in cyberspace now… I would love to have many pupils at Goodaskool, to exhibit their best works in my 3D Gallery, to show their progress to the world, and perhaps, it would be so wonderful, to incite other people to start drawing or painting. Believe me: painting or drawing is a wonderful experience, it makes the world around you so much richer because you start looking at it in a very different way, and you discover so many new things!

Hans for example.. he stopped working and didn´t know really what to do with all his free time. His friends, still within “the active life”, kept asking him:
“How do your days look like, now? How are your days structured?”
Quite fed up, he always answered:
“I have worked all my life, I don´t need any structure more!”
But it is not quite true. We all need some kind of structure in our daily life.
But now Hans is more than happy. Showing at his paintings he says:
“This is my structure now!”

Soon I´ll tell you about our last lesson. He finished the drawing we started the week before, I´ll show it to you next time.
For the moment let me introduce to you your school fellow Hans, Miss Angely:


Also, Angely and Hans, I am very happy to have you with me at Goodaskool! And as we say in the land where I was born:
“Plus on est de fous plus on rit!” (The more crazy people together, the more we laugh!)


One Response to “GOODASKOOL: A New pupil has joined!”

  1. madwoman1986 Says:

    hello miki! say hi to hans for me. i’m going to send you a landscape work by monday. ;> i haven’t done one yet so i’m crossing my fingers that i could turn in a good one. anyway, i’ll do my best.

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