Hans First Step into Pastel

As I told in my last entry I want to present you the result of my last lesson with Hans, my German pupil. The week before we had drawn the following landscape
We made the drawing with an ink pen, the reason being that I wanted to force Hans not to use a rubber!
We wanted now to colour it, with pastel chalk.

Hans had never held chalks in his hand before, except perhaps a white one, a long time ago, as he was a child and in front of the blackboard in another kind of school… and certainly with another kind of teacher! At the beginning he was quite “zogernd” (sorry I have to use here the German word for it, it means something like “hesitant”, but even worse!) to put some colour on the beautiful drawing, fearing to dirty or even to spoil it. And I guess he was trembling as I took the chalks from his hand and went wild through the paper, just to demonstrate to him:
Success, in art as well as everywhere else in life, lies in the adage: “Who dares, wins!”
At least it was always true in MY life. And in my art, my best paintings were always the ones where I threw caution to the wind: it might be in the choice of colours, in the composition, in the stylisation, whatever. Just DARE!

Well, at the end of the lesson, Hans had become quite courageous and his movements with the chalk quite free. The resulting drawing is a nice piece, which he will surely frame and put on his wall


I had the feeling that the three lessons we had together helped to give him some more freedom in his way of drawing, and perhaps even in himself. A wonderful feeling, for the teacher, and, I am sure, for the pupil too!
I told him that I wanted to make a photo of him and his drawing, for my Goodaskool blog online. He sat on his painter stool, put his hat on his head -“Painters always have a hat!”, he said- and held his drawing very proudly in front of the camera.


And as he went away, after assuring his next lesson was booked, he said, with a bright happy smile on his face:
“You have made my day!”


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