No on Earth, yes in Cyberspace!

As I tell in my diary, A Painter´s Life on Planet Goodaboom, I exhibited yesterday in the Street Gallery. When I started exhibiting there 3 years ago, I was also advertising for my painting school, and indeed it resulted in some pupils.
What games is fate playing with me now? Just in the moment where I start Goodaskool, Danielle, a former French pupil, suddenly appeared in front of me, yesterday, after 2 years. She was totally passionate about painting and deeply sad as I closed the school.She was surely my best pupil too. I was so happy to see her! She told me that she was still painting, more than ever, and her husband said:
“Our walls are so full of her paintings now, there is barely a centimeter uncovered!”
This is how I like my pupils: passionate, and hardworking! She is one them… and Hans as well!
I remember the last lesson I had with her, it was in a wonderful tiny Spanish village lost in the mountains… we spent the day there, with 2 other pupils. They had never seen tourists before in this place -yes, such places still exist in Spain!- and you can imagine how much attention we got!
Anyway… I told her yesterday, that I have started classes again, and in that instant I saw such a light of hope in her eyes… but then I said it was just an exception. But I told her about Goodaskool, and I wonder if it would be something for her…

My second meeting with my past that day as an art teacher was with a Norwegian woman. She stood a long long time there, looking at all my paintings, then she came to me and explained that 3 years ago, she wanted watercolour lessons from me, and searched my Art Studio in the whole city, but couldn´t find it! And so gave up her idea of painting!
I was so sorry as I heard that!
A little bit later she came back to me and asked:
“Would you give me some lessons in water colour?!
I didn´t answer, I just smiled… What did this smile mean? Oh, it is so hard to say no, when these people love your art so much that they want YOU as a teacher, and only you! I feel awful to have to say no! But honestly, I hope that I will have the strength to go on saying no, because I exactly know that I can´t guarantee them regular lessons. My immediate future is a time of intense travelling, through lands and seas, and I can´t take the responsibility to ensure other people´s painting careers… it´s hard enough to ensure my proper one!
But Goodaskool is different. Wherever we will be: we will be in cyberspace as well! So, if you want to become a genius painter, come to Goodaskool, now and here!


3 Responses to “No on Earth, yes in Cyberspace!”

  1. madwoman1986 Says:

    Where is this place in Spain? that looks like a beautiful day.

  2. Miki Says:

    Oh yes, it was a beautiful day, like most of the days here! This is by the way the reason why I decided to live here: I can paint outside the whole year!
    This place was a small village called “Fornal”, in the mountains, about 15 km from the sea, and 100 km southly from Valencia, The Spaniards there are still like they were 40 years ago before the tourists “invade” their land, very kind and open to foreigners…

  3. Nach Says:

    Yes. It looks beautiful. We need to keep the “guiris” far from it. Please go to the populated coast! Ha ha ha. It’s a joke.

    I don’t like that style of painting, but this is a nice site.


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