The Sunshine of your School

I cannot resist!
I have to tell you what my new pupil Angely thinks about Goodaskool´s teacher-me!-:

“… well, i think you’re going to be a good teacher. i think you are a very sunny person with a very bright attitude and i like a mentor who’s very optimistic and radiates this very positive aura coz that would be very inspiring. hope to hear from you soon!…”

Isn´t it a wonderful thing to say to a teacher? Thanks so much, Angely!

I remember when I was at school, most of the time it depended only on whether I liked the teachers if I liked or not the stuff they taught me! I guess many people are like me. I think the most important quality for a teacher is not his qualifications, his knowledge, etc. but his ability to motivate his pupils. To inflame some kind of enthusiasm or passion in somebody is a wonderful gift to give that person, and even humanity.

I remember when I was a mathematics student, I used to give maths lessons. And you know how it is with maths: there is no in-between: one hates it, or one loves it, and in 99% of the cases, one hates it!
So I always had to deal with kids, who hated maths. Their hate always resulted from how their teachers were, and the way they taught mathematics. I daresay, risking to get my tongue cut out by the maths teachers community: that most of them didn´t have a deep enough understanding of mathematics -and certainly not psychology!- to be able to teach it!

I can say with pride: I was a good maths teacher for my kiddies, they all stopped hating maths, made progress and some of them even started to like it!

It is of course far easier in art as we all love it, and most of us would love to be able to paint.

So, when do YOU join Goodaskool with the sunshine teacher?


KEV MOORE´s Illustration to this entry


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