A new Star is born!

“You are becoming a Star in the Internet, Hans!”
These were the first words I spoke to Hans as we started the lesson on Wednesday. He smiled, wordless, but his smile was somewhat rueful. He was already aware, that I “misused” him as the main character of this new adventure which should become my art school online. I am not sure that Hans feels very comfortable in this “star role”, but well, he won´t have to suffer so much under the assaults of his fans, I´ll be there to protect him: in fact he is more a kind of ghost star, who has not the slightest contact with his fans. But it must be a strange feeling for him, to know that people around the world are reading about him, and looking at his work over his shoulder, without him even seeing them! At least it would be for me…

And let me tell you: he is becoming a star not only in the Internet, but here too! I think it was our 4th lesson together, and there are already people coming every week to see how he is doing, and they sometimes visit before and after, just to see if the drawing has become a masterpiece by the end of the lesson.

Last week we had an old Dutch man coming 3 or 4 times. A funny guy. The first time he passed by, we were just beginning and there was only one line on the drawing. He said:
and we all laughed together. He came back later, and again and again. At the end of the lesson he said:
“Now this is really fantastic!”

This week he came mob-handed, and he asked if we had the drawing from last week, as he wanted to show it to his growing army!


I guess Hans was not very happy about it, and I can understand it. I think what he wants, is drawing, only drawing, and when he does it, he really forgets the whole world around. His concentration is immense, it is wonderful to see. And of course each distraction is a kind of invasive element.

There are many people looking over our shoulders when we sit there. And I wonder when they will ask me to give them some lessons. I can feel it; they will come back, every week, and one day they will dare to ask…

But I guess the day they dare, we will no longer be there: Hans is going back to Germany very soon, and will come back only in December!
I hope we won´t lose the contact, he is really a person who has the possibility to become a very good artist. I would be sad if his talent withers and his strong will fades away… And anyway: in a certain sense he is the symbolic founder of Goodaskool, it is his responsibility to go on!


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