Hans up, who wants to paint?

Hans called me yesterday and booked the next lesson, which, I guess, will be the last one for a long time.
Last time we had started together a new ink and pastel painting, a view from his balcony to the sea and to the mountains. The painting will be a present, so the stress was immense, and Hans´hand was trembling more than a little as we started!
I can understand that: even as a professional painter, your own expectation when you make a painting with the intention to give it as a gift is much higher than when you paint for yourself or to sell.
It is a difficult theme he chose, but a wonderful composition. The mountains make 50% of the whole painting, and if you don´t pay attention to the subtle changes of colours and light, it is only a grey mass. This is the point where personal interpretation and creative representation are asked of oneself!
“I would not have dared alone…”
he said. I´m not sure I would have dared myself!

But Hans is courageous and singleminded, so he gets what he wants. I remember how he convinced me to give him lessons…

He had already made the drawing at home, with pen, on grey paper. We put ink on some contours to enhance the most important elements and went on with pastel chalk. Pastel can be a very rewarding material, if you apply it in a way which follows the structure of the mountains, of the sea, etc. Then with a little bit of rubbing in some places, and you already get a very lively and 3 dimensional impression of the landscape.

Hans continued alone at home, and we will finish it tomorrow together. To my question on the phone yesterday
“Is the painting beautiful?”
he answered:
“My wife says it is!”
Funny! Well, this is the kind of answer I give myself too, always. I rarely feel competent to judge my paintings, or at least, I don´t really like to judge them. I just love painting, and if it is good or not, I leave it to my public

So, I´ll show you next time Hans pastel painting N°2.

And to entertain you in the meanwhile, there follows the small film “Gouache over Me”, a selection of my fantasy landscape paintings in Gouache, with music from…. KEV MOORE , of course!


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