Measuring the world…

Sometimes such things happen in our own world that if you would take an infinite tape measure to measure it, it would still not be long enough! Does that mean that there is something even bigger than infinity here? Well, subjectively speaking, surely, and anyway: the mass “infinite” has been so much misused in the common language and surely doesn´t comply anymore with the mathematicians definition.
Yesterday I had my last painting lesson with Hans, as he returns to Germany on Saturday. He took from his painting bag a gift wrapped in my (actual) favourite colours (pink and purple, how did he know?) and gave it to me:
“For you, from Sylvia and me”.
I was so deeply touched!
I unwrapped the gift impatiently – I loooooooove to unwrap gifts, but there is still an inner fight within me between the impatience to see the gift and the will to make the pleasure of discovery last as long as possible! As the tape resisted longer than I could bear, I finally tore the beautiful paper and found… a book!
I adore books!
I have spent my nights reading books under the covers, when I was a little girl…
I covered all the walls of my house with books… exactly, with books, not with paintings!
The last time when somebody gave me a book as a gift (“Chocolat”), was Kevin, just after we met.
I simply adore books… how they look , how they feel, how they smell, I love to touch them, and to turn the pages… perhaps because I simply love paper, which maybe the reason, by the way, that I started painting!

Hans apologised that the book was in Spanish, he could not find it in English, so that Kevin could read it too. What a nice thought, isn´t it? taking into account that he hardly knows Kevin…

“La medición del mundo: Un fascinante encuentro entre la literatura y la ciencia”
(The measurement of the world; a fascinating meeting between literature and science)
The naturalist Humboldt and the mathematician Gauss, “The Prince of Mathematics”, going together through the world, at the end of the 18th century, trying to measure it.


A wonderful choice, could not be more adequate for me, as a scientist and a literature lover! And having done my mathematics and physics studies in the city where Gauss taught and died!
I can´t wait to start reading it.

But what I wanted to say today, is how wonderful this gesture was, how thoughtful, and how it made me feel:
How wonderful this world is, and how lucky I am to meet some of the great people who are living in it!
Hans and Sylvia surely belong to them, and I hope I´ll be able to go on helping our painting star Hans in his artistic career.

PS: I just got a phone call from Hans, he wants a last lesson today before he leaves, to go on with the painting we began yesterday… I´ll tell you more later!


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