In his own Hans

Just some words today to show you Hans´ second ink/pastel drawing…a view from his balcony to the bay of Altea and Albir. Initially conceived as a gift for the people who rented him the flat , but well, Hans likes it so much that at the end he was not quite sure if he should not keep it for himself!
Somehow I knew that! And I would say, he is right, one should not give away one´s first good drawings.


The drawing is almost finished, Hans just didn´t know how to finish the foreground with the narrow roof underneath his balcony. I recommended him to keep it quite discreet, just some lines to evoke the tiles, but not each one and not along the whole length. Just an impression of the roof. And put some browny red colour on them, I said, but again, not everywhere. A common mistake by beginners is to draw and paint each tile, and it looks quite kitsch at the end!
Add some waves structure in the sea, put more shadows on the walls and the distant rooftops and the drawing should be finished.

By the way if you want to know where I live take some binoculars and look straight ahead…. Hans says, he can see my house from his balcony… and if I were a little taller, he could even see me!
Hans is on his way back to Germany now, and I hope he has a nice trip. I´ll tell you very soon about our two last lessons before he went away, and then it will be me who will be on my way to Germany…


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