Hans in the cellar

Well, dear readers, I´m back! And if you wonder how long I have skived off school: not only was I in Germany in March, but I also spent the whole summer on European roads, coining the phrase: “10 weeks in a box”

The Travel Box

But here is not really the place to speak about holidays, and anyway holidays are finished and it´s time again for me (and you!) to attend the school. To be honest, I didn´t intend to reattend, as my only industrious pupil, Hans, also skived off! Not that he totally skived off from my life… I hear from him from time to time; very remote echoing sounds, from the depths of a many centuries old, dark dank cellar under his house in Germany… but his message is clear:
“My muse lost the fight against the work consciousness!”
Clearly: Hans´ cellar is leaking, Hans has to fix it and ink and pastel just don´t cut the mustard!

Oh I´m sure, if he doesn´t totally disappear, perhaps swallowed by a monster lurking in the depths of his cellar, he´ll come back one day, full of passion and pastel coloured fingers!

But in the meanwhile, what should I do, me a teacher without pupils? I am so surprised that many people keep flocking to the school, although it shut its doors many months ago. And I ask myself
Who are they really?
What do they want?
Why can´t they leave me alone!!? (Not really, of course!)

Only YOU know…


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