Well, I am actually a lonely teacher in a lonely school, no pupils, no lessons, nobody to directly share my passion with. The only thing I can do is to share my own work presenting it in real or virtual exhibitions, like here or in my website Goodaboom.
But it is not the same. To be able to raise somebody´s enthusiasm with your own work is wonderful. But to be able to raise somebody´s else creativity, is magic. I remember with melancholy my last pupil Hans, before he disappeared into his medieval cellar. He was so enthusiastic about learning drawing, so demanding towards himself but so happy when his work corresponded to his own expectations. Wonderful how he hurried home, after the lesson, to share his last drawing with his wife and how happy she was herself to see her husband reaching this state of grace… It was absolutely divine!

What I really want today is to encourage people to start drawing or painting, if they feel within themselves the desire to.
Don´t think you have no talent: much can be learnt, at least the most important ability to create beautiful paintings and the joy in creation.
Don´t think you are too old: my oldest pupil, Rudy, now one of my dearest friends, was 77 when he started having lessons with me, and 2 years later he made exhibitions and sold big oil paintings, and not cheaply!
Don´t think too much, just do it. Try, take lessons or not, buy yourself some teaching book or not, ask me tips or not, but please: DO IT!

Painting or drawing is just wonderful. It enriches every day of your life, deepens your connection to nature, to all the people around you and even to yourself. I promise you: you will feel a much better person, and everybody around you, will feel it too!



3 Responses to “Draw!”

  1. Radio Matthew Says:

    That’s actually really good 😀 Is that one of your drawings? You should check out my boyfriend’s blog all about art:


  2. Goodaboom Says:

    Thank you! Yes, it is a water colour painting I made during my last trip through Europa, especially Scotland.

  3. Susan Says:

    Your handling of watercolor is pure poetry!

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