Paint me a sheep!

I am still a lonely teacher in a lonely school, but at least I had this week a prominent visitor. In fact I didn´t know that he was so well-known, but I did some research on the net and found out, that most people in the world have heard of him.
None other than Le petit prince! The little Prince!
A little less little than when he met Antoine in the Sahara, the hair still blond but punky and with some purple strands in it.
“Paint me a sheep!”
he said to me as he entered my school on Planet Goodaboom. No bonjour, no how are you, just as direct as he always was!
“From where do you know Goodaboom?”
I asked him.
“Paint me a sheep!”
he said. Well, I knew his stubborn character from his adventures with Antoine very well, knew there was no sense in trying to force an answer out of him.
“But Antoine drew you a sheep already!”
“Yeh, and it was quite ok. But now paint me a sheep!”
He briefly explained me that a drawing was not enough, he now needed a painting of his sheep, with crazy colours like the ones he saw on my paintings in WordPress. I hesitated. I didn´t really want to compete with the most famous piece of art in the world.
“I can pay you!”
he added, and took from his pocket a bag full of tiny shining things which looked like dust.
“Ok then!”
I said. Although I thought, what should I do with that shiny dust?

Anyway I painted his sheep and he loved it. He cried a little bit as he saw his sheep floating lonely in space and as debonaire as John Steed. He gave me his diamonds and promised to come back one day, to make me paint his rose.
Then he took his painting under his arm and flew away. I waved and after he had disappeared, I cast the shiny dust back into space. And now, I will always think of the Little Prince´s sheep when I see clouds in the sky..

The Little Prince Sheep


2 Responses to “Paint me a sheep!”

  1. Susan Says:

    Oh Miki! I am utterly charmed, but the painting you did for The Little Prince and all the memories you brought back from my reading of the book decades ago. I must pull it out and reread it and see if the Little Prince will request a drawing or painting from me as well. Can you say more about your painting process in this?

  2. Goodaboom Says:

    Thanks, Susan. It is simply wonderful if my painting brings you back to this special book, or indeed introduces new readers to it. I feel then, that the painting has earnt his right to be, As far as I know the Little Prince, he will surely ask, as he is very demanding and will love your nude studies… he might ask you one of his Rose!
    Concerning the painting process in this, perhaps we can enter into a secrete correspondance about it… I´ll contact you soon!


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