Aquarelle: once you catch it…

My new painter friend Susan -just have a look at her site, I added it to my blogroll, she is a wonderful painter! – left a comment to the last water colour painting I presented here some days ago:

“Your handling of watercolor is pure poetry!”

Saying that, she really describes the feeling I have when I paint with water colour. I don´t mean the feeling about my own work – I wouldn´t dare judge it, good or bad, it´s not my job, I think!-, I mean the feeling which invades my soul and even my body . The way how water, paper, brush and colour interact is REALLY poetry!
And I don´t even mean the finished painting itself, but so much more the process of painting water colour.
Because, as for poetry itself:
“It is like grasping at the wind – once you catch it, it’s no longer wind …”

When somebody asks me which techniques I prefer -and I am often asked, people like to know that about a painter somehow!-, I always answer:
Allow me please to use this word. This is the word we use in France for water colour, and I find it so adequate, so poetic too! Except that some years ago a company came out with a new natural source water, which they called “Aquarel”, and which for my taste does´nt taste at all natural, and surely not like poetry!!!!-. And now when I say aquarelle, I always have this unpleasant taste in my mouth…
Anyway: I love painting aquarelle,
yes it´s poetry,
it´s pureness,
it´s dream,
it´s flying
it´s reaching the sky
it´s reaching the sun..
… and it´s burning to ashes if you do it wrong!!! Nothing uglier than a spoiled Aquarelle!!! (Luckily you have water to hand to douse the flames!)

Purpel Dawn Watercolor

You can see my -so far- published collection of :Times of The Day”, watercolour and gouache paintings featuring the different times of the day )dawn, early morning, midday, afternoon, etc…) in my FFA Gallery clicking on this link.

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3 Responses to “Aquarelle: once you catch it…”

  1. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Oh My! I just love your dream structures on the horizon. So much expression with so few paint strokes. I guess we have a mutual admiration club going.

  2. iondanu Says:

    Yes, your aquarelles are poetry… no doubt. I like a lot also your golden dog even if than one is probably some mixte techniques…

    You know what I do with my failed watercolors? Of course you did it also: I paint them over in acrylics, I do a mixt techniques…

  3. Goodaboom Says:

    No, I never do so with failed watercolours… I just don´t want to see them anymore and tear them into pieces! And sometimes, when I am very lucky, one of the pieces look great as miniature…

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