The second Coffee Cup is served…

Get it if you missed the first!

But if you don´t like my coffee, and prefer my paintings, here is my very last one, “The Golden Dog”, from the series “Lunacies”. I painted it yesterday. It was inspired by a weird dream I had the night before, it had to do with the Knight Templars and the Saracens. I think the dream came about because Kevin mentioned that the Vatican had released secrete files on the Knight Templars the other day.
And the Golden Dog… well, perhaps The Templar and The Saracen are fighting over whose pet it is!

The Golden Dog


2 Responses to “The second Coffee Cup is served…”

  1. Susan Says:

    I love this painting! Will you share your process and materials? Looks like acrylic, and what do you make the black line with?

  2. Goodaboom Says:

    Thank you Susan! You must be “a zany artist” too to love this kind of paintings!!!
    Let me try to explain: it is painted on blue paper, quite thick, but don´t ask me which exactly, I don´t really pay attention to the materials I use. I always take what I have by the hand!
    It is acrylics, with some gouache (the white clouds and white points are in gouache, allows some more transparence than acrylics).
    And as I explained you before, I don´t use only brushes to paint!
    The black lines ate made some with totall normal ink pen, some with normal or watercolour black pencil. Somebody once commented to me: “…the thin black lines that help define what I should be seeing…”

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