Phantom City


One of my “Période Rose”…

A tip for all artists who want to sell more paintings:
I noticed that people buy paintings by colours, I have for example a client (not a woman) who always buy paintings with a lot of pink in it. And another buy ALL my paintings based on the combination yellow and purple. Once you know that, it´s easy to make money with art!

Phantom City, though, was not bought by the pink man, but by en English Lady living in London…

PS: I almost forgot, Rug Mug is served!


3 Responses to “Phantom City”

  1. Susan Says:

    What a great tip! You are so right about color. Wish it were that easy.

  2. Goodaboom Says:

    It really works, Susan, but I agree it´s not that easy, because you already need a bunch of clients before it works.
    But generally I noticed that 90% of the people buy by colours, they don´t care about the theme, the style, etc. They just react strongly to colours.

  3. dukerb Says:

    I like your work qutie a bit!

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