My Mother and The Phantom City

I forgot to tell an anecdote about the painting I presented last time.
My 82 year-old mother is one of these people who fall in love with a painting as soon as it is pink enough. This is the reason I guess, why she is totally crazy after babies, and continually tries to convince her grand-children to make beautiful pink babies for her… one is done already, a wonderful little pink boy, called Marius…

Anyway… My mother had seen Phantom City and loved it at once. I wanted to give it to her for her birthday, but she refused, saying:
“No, you´ll surely be able to sell it!”
I insisted, saying that I didn´t care about the sale, and I really didn´t. My mother is sacred for me, and she deserves the best I have. But she is, too, as stubborn as I am, and there was no way to give her the painting. I was quite sad, i must say…

Some days later I sold it to the London woman. Some more days later my mother called me and asked:
“Do you still have that pink landscape?”
I felt a kind of deep cold running from my heart to my soul.
First a kind of embarrassed silence on the other end of the line. Then:
“I have thought about it… I want it! You can sell it when I am dead!”

My God, I was angry, I´m sure you can imagine why!

My Mother with one of her 4 grand-children… (none of them is from me!)


3 Responses to “My Mother and The Phantom City”

  1. Susan Says:

    O.K. Well I realize this is totally obvious, but I know you to be skilled enough that you can paint her a Phantom City that will satisfy her dear pink heart. And oh, such a handsome grandson! Lucky lady.

  2. kevmoore Says:

    Miki’s mother or “Maman” as she is known to her children (and also to me, as I insisted on calling her that from day one, and I’m the only other person she has allowed to do so) has a childish heart and a wicked sense of humour.
    When we visit she always greets us with a smile, and is kind enough to allow me to eat all the special biscuits that I buy her as presents.
    One time, Miki primed me to pay Maman a compliment in French…
    “Maman, Tu es belle aujourd’hui!”
    She stopped what she was doing immediately..almost unable to believe her ears. Then she realised what I had said, and her face became a deep shade of pink! Usually she is not lost for words, but I got her that time!

  3. Miki Says:

    Yeh, yeh… Kevin is flirting with my mother all the time, following the principle:
    “To get the daughter you must first get the mother!”

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