Me, a Woman now, a Man in another Life?

Some readers proposed me an answer to the question of my last entry, most of them in the form of asking back: Can it be that you are a woman in this life, and have been a man in another life?

I wonder: are there so many people here believing in these kinds of things?

I personally don´t believe in the theory of MY many lives or any other form of reincarnation, although I would love to! Unfortunately I´m not only a painter, I am a scientist too, and my rational mind struggles to figure out such an eventuality, although as long as the contrary is not proven, it has to admit the possibility…

Anyway… Earlier this year I created this painting (not meant as a self-portrait) with the title “Stream of Life”.

Funny, isn´t, it could be interpreted as a less esoteric and more discreet way of speaking of reincarnation…I found it again yesterday and was quite amazed to meet there the same black haired guy and the female figure in red… God, it must have a deep significance, no? Or am I simply a boring painter with no imagination always repeating the same stuff?

Stream of Life