Me, a Woman now, a Man in another Life?

Some readers proposed me an answer to the question of my last entry, most of them in the form of asking back: Can it be that you are a woman in this life, and have been a man in another life?

I wonder: are there so many people here believing in these kinds of things?

I personally don´t believe in the theory of MY many lives or any other form of reincarnation, although I would love to! Unfortunately I´m not only a painter, I am a scientist too, and my rational mind struggles to figure out such an eventuality, although as long as the contrary is not proven, it has to admit the possibility…

Anyway… Earlier this year I created this painting (not meant as a self-portrait) with the title “Stream of Life”.

Funny, isn´t, it could be interpreted as a less esoteric and more discreet way of speaking of reincarnation…I found it again yesterday and was quite amazed to meet there the same black haired guy and the female figure in red… God, it must have a deep significance, no? Or am I simply a boring painter with no imagination always repeating the same stuff?

Stream of Life


5 Responses to “Me, a Woman now, a Man in another Life?”

  1. kevmoore Says:

    Seeing these two paintings together Miki, I really see how the latest post looks like the first subject as a young boy…perhaps from a previous life, perhaps from the same one. One thing that links them is the longing that I see in both.

    As I get older, I find myself hoping there is a chance to be reborn, and my mind, slowly, infintessimally, opening up to accept the possibility. In your youth, mortality is merely a word, not a concept, but with the passing years it takes on all the concrete solidity of your own mausoleum. I don’t wish to sound morbid, I’m not. The effect this realisation has on me is a desire to live every day as though its your last, and dream of another lifetime where you can right your wrongs and relive your successes!

  2. Susan Cornelis Says:

    This is the most esoteric/philosophic/psychoanalytic(etc) art blog I know! So I will add my own
    dubitable wisdom to the mix. (I even get to use big words I may not know the meaning of.)
    First of all, taking the romantic viewpoint, I think these “male” figures look a great deal like Kev, whom I’ve never met except in pictures, paintings and words.
    Second, I totally believe in reincarnation and many other extraordinary things one cannot prove. In fact I’m much more interested in the subtle, unprovable parts of experience. But one doesn’t have to believe in reincarnation to believe that each of us is connected to other levels of reality, non-physical beings who visit us through our paintings, dreams etc.
    Oh, but what I really want to know, if it’s not a secret, is how you painted these divine visions. Is it a black underpainting or what. Truly your style Miki is such a wonder to me.

  3. Miki Says:

    It is a secret, Susan, but how can I keep it from you when you make me such compliments!!! This one is painted on green cardboard (the grün of the coat is the naked paper). The rest is acylics, and like always the result of some association chain around my hand…

  4. wpm1955 Says:

    Dear Miki,

    You bring up some interesting questions in this post. As someone who has been interested in science all my life, and who reads scientific publications constantly (even though I am not a scientist), I would like to propose an idea.

    Personally, I do believe in reincarnation. I don’t know which branch of science you are in, but if you have been following any of the recent developments in sub-atomic physics, they come interestingly close to explaining how ideas can be transformed into matter…

    I think about these ideas daily, and have for many years. If you would like to discuss any of these ideas further, perhaps we could do it through email.

    I found it very interesting that you are a scientist, in addition to being an artist! What branch of science are you in?

    Best regards,
    Madame Monet
    Writing, Painting, Music, and Wine

  5. Miki Says:

    I am happy that you are interested in sciences too, Madame Monet.
    As a very yoiung child (I was about 6 years old) I developped a deep passion for mathematics, and well, I didn´t stop doing methematics till 12 years ago. I studied mathematics in France and in Germany, worked in the university there and later in the industry (as a mathematician). Parallely I studied theoritical physics too, above all because of its intrinseque connection to mathematics. I was always fascinated by the physical laws ruling our universe, and all other kind of laws too…
    12 years ago I just decided to change totally my life, to abandon science and go on with art. The inner fight between art and science had started years before… To my shame I must say today that I also stopped to inform myself about the developments of science, because somewhere in my soul I coudn´t be confronted with all these mysteries without “falling” again… falling in all these questions about life and the universe which used to torture my mind since I was a child..
    Your comment makes my scientist heart vibrate so strongly again that I must know: where can I read about “how ideas can be transformed into matter”?

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