A Yeti in Sno Man´s Land, or what?

“… You have such a wonderful, imaginative and active mind, Miki. I sense a great deal of energy in your heart and spirit. Your desire for seeking new ideas and outlets of creative expression is amazing… As I think of you, color forms in my mind. It’s curious really, because at first, the impressions are devoid of words or other symbolism. The images meld together like organic, morphic northern lights which light up the Norwegian sky. It must be inspired by looking at your beautiful, colorful paintings. When the images dissipate, a soft transition takes place and you are sitting in a beautiful field with paint and paper. For some reason you are alone and I often wonder why I envision or sense this as I know you are happily enjoying life to it’s fullest with a good companion. Perhaps I see your playful paintings and notice the contrasts of lights and darks which are so prevalent, and provide each work with power, visual tension, and yet with delicate balance…”

These amazing word were written to me by David from America. I must say, it is the most beautiful comment about my art I have ever heard.

If I share these words with you today, it is for two reasons;

First because they are simply wonderful and I am deeply thankful…

And then because David was the very first winner of “Give me a Title” competition, which I feature on Planet Goodaboom.

I thought I should invite you to take part to the next competition, starting today. It is very simple: just give me a title to this (acrylic) painting:

The Yeti in No man´s Land

You can leave the title here as a comment (and I´ll add it myself to the list of the other titles in Goodaboom), or you go directly to the competiton “Give Me A Title”.

By the way: there is something to win, but to know what it is, you have to go to “Give Me A Title”.

Good Luck and thanks for participating!


One Response to “A Yeti in Sno Man´s Land, or what?”

  1. Bob Says:

    Thanks for your visit over at my blog. I really enjoyed your comment.

    I had fun playing “Give Me A Title.” What an interesting piece of art!

    I’ll definitely be coming back.

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