And Now I am waiting…

Yes, I am waiting…

Corrida Bullfight Painting
I am not sure for what…
For compliments… or for insults?
Well… I have already heard a lot of both in my life as a painter, insults for daring to paint such stuff. compliments for painting it like I do.
I accept all of them with good grace, as long as they keep fair and respectful. But sometimes both sides of the coin become one, for example, the most extraordinary experience I have ever had in this context were some clients who hated bullfights, but bought from me some very big bullfight paintings saying:
“We hate bullfights, but we love your paintings so much, the colours, the movement….”
Tell me, can I take their outrage seriously then?
I don´t know what to think. But I would love to know what YOU think, about bullfights, and painting bullfights?

And don´t forget my competition! Give me a Title for the following painting:
The Yeti in No man´s Land


8 Responses to “And Now I am waiting…”

  1. Susan Says:

    I can feel the dust in my eyes as the bull charges! And I agree with your collector that the art transcends the brutality of the event. I do wonder about the pink cape, somehow not the macho color I associate with matadors. or is it the color which will appeal to your “pink loving contingency”?

  2. goinglikesixty Says:

    I read posts in RSS, and srolled back and forth to your post. I was drawn back to it. It is very appealing.
    But the Bull’s eye is distracting. It seems unnatural. Being right in the center of the painting doesn’t help. My eye is drawn to it. Intended?
    Very nice work.

  3. Miki Says:

    in fact the matador fights with 2 different capes in 2 different phases of the corrida. The first one is light pink and yellow, but this is not the one on the painting. The second one is red, really red, but i didn´t paint it as red as in reality because I prefered it like that, my artist´s freedom I guess…
    You know, Susan, the matadors don´t really look like machos! Most of the time they just look like ballerinas!

  4. Miki Says:

    Thanks for the compliments, goinglikesixty…
    Concerning the eye… well, a bull eye looks really like that, and this one is totally fixed on the cape, which is very important for the bullfighter if he wants to survive… Intented or not (I don´t remember!), I like it this way, but I can imagine that wenn one starts doing a fixation on it, it can become too central in the painting?!

  5. kevmoore Says:

    Before I became familiar with your Bullfight art Miki, I had a pre-
    conceived notion of the genre. It usually spoke to me of a certain
    “downmarket naffness”. And I confess, I never really saw a bullfight
    painting or poster that I liked. Until I saw yours. Finally, I had
    found someone who could capture the strength, power and beauty of
    movement from this ancient tradition. The vibrancy of your colours
    make the subjects leap out at you. Truly wonderful work…Vive le Toro!

  6. Philosophis+ Says:

    Introducing I am Miki…+

    Miki is a painter from Saint Leon who has a strong sense of self which is refreshing.
    Quoted[” “],
    I prefer dancing on a volcano rather than to sit at home!
    I love the colour, the contra…

  7. Mary Says:

    Hi Miki!! I like the movements in your painting, and the colors.. You really captured the moment. I dont know why but your painting reflects quietness and makes an agreessive sport something so peacefull and harmless.

    I personaly hate bullfighting. I think it’s a horrible so-called sport in which a man kills an inocent animal without any logical reason. I really dont like it. When the matator gets hit by the bull the espectators all scream and are scared but does anybody claim for the life of the bull? No. They just forget that he is also a living creature who only fights for his life ’cause he is being pushed to do so.
    The way in which the bull is killed is so painful..he bleeds to death.. how can men be proud of such a thing?

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