To Be or not to Be…

 One of my rare self-portraits done about three weeks ago, on a day when I was sad missing Kevin, the man I love…

Me not as a man, like the last self-portraits I showed you before, but well, as a woman neither, rather as the very tiny thing which I feel I am when he is away, almost faceless, trapped in molasses time and lost within deep existential considerations…

To be or not to be

And don´t forget my competition! Give me a Title for the following painting:
The Yeti in No man´s Land


7 Responses to “To Be or not to Be…”

  1. shelleymhouse Says:

    I think it’s fascinating how you capture this “small” feeling, and the distortion of time.

  2. michael pokocky Says:

    I quite agree with Shelley. Really though how do you do what you do so fast as you said in a letter and so absolutely well executed, and then move right on to something else. Reminds me of watching Picasso paint on glass. It was a black & white documentary I saw in an old theater in Toronto, Canada with my artist friend who said, You got to see this. His name was Thadeus and he was right.

  3. Miki Says:

    Thank you for your comment, Michael. I know that the diversity of my work looks very strange, and in exhibitins of MY paintings I am often asked : “Who are the painters?”. Quite funny, always.
    How can I explain? Perhaps saying that each of my painting is a different reflection of Fate, and Fate has so many different faces!

  4. Mary Says:

    What an image! I always tend to interpretate everything.. mainly pictures and poems.. I believe that for the author they represent something, they mean something, but from the expectators, they mean something different.. ’cause mainly, it depends on how you feel at the moment you read the poem or you see the painting..

    I loved your painting.. So many symbols to describe.. the figure is sitting on a chair with her/his feet above the chair… this somehow gives me the impression that fear is lurking around. The dark colors remind me of my darkest and gloomiest days when I do nothing but think and think and write, eventually…At the same time there are so light colors which gave me the idea of hope… a hope that awaits to be fulfiled. The clock for me is the passing of time.. we change each moment.. and time makes us change.. makes things change.. time runs so fast..

    I really loved it! It fills me with lots of feelings..

    Great Job!


  5. Miki Says:

    What a fantastic comment, Mary! You know in the meanwhile that I went to your blog and how I appreciate the sincere and so honest way you write. I think to have you as a commentator is a big honour for an author….
    Everything you interpretate is true somehow… I made this painting as my love was away, and when he is away I always feel lost (missing my second half), scared (that something happens to him on the way)but of course full of hope waiting that he comes back, because then life is so wonderful again.
    Time was always in my life a crucial element, I thought a lot about it in all ways, even scientifically and philosophically… The clock here is meant as time passing by so slowly in his absence, and more generally, it represents the distorsion of our time perception…
    Great to meet you, Mary, and I wish to read much more from you, here or in your blog.

  6. Mary Says:

    Thank you Miki!! It’s great to know you too. I used to feel exactly the same when I was in a relationship…so sad it’s over.
    I love your painting.. really.. cuz I somehow see myself in it.
    You are certanly invited to read from me, both here and in my blog. 🙂 And I will come more often ’cause I love the conbination between painting and poetry. You are surely doing a great job!


  7. psychscribe Says:

    All of your work that I’ve looked at is such a visual delight…this one where you’re missing kevin looks like a small child…i am going to put your link on my blogroll…thank you and kudsos….

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