Carrer Centaure N° 16

Yesterday an English man came to my Art Studio and ordered a painting from me of his new summer house in Spain, a Christmas present for his wife. The painting, I mean, not the house…

I went there while his wife was out with the dog. I made the photos, we discussed the price, we discussed the technique, and then I had to ask the key question:

“Do you want a realistic representation of your house?”

“Oh yes, of course, totally realistic! We want to hang it at home in England and everybody should see how our Spanish house looks like!”

“Oh merde! ” I thought. To paint a normal house is hard enough, but to paint it realistically, this is quite a nightmare for me. But well, I had to take the commission, I really can´t let clients run away just because I am such a flippy painter!

Luckily, I have my own therapy against this kind of nightmare: today, as an act of vengeance, I painted MY own house in my flippy way, and I can tell you: it looks much more like my house than if I had painted it in the so-called realistic way!

Carrer Cenature N° 16


7 Responses to “Carrer Centaure N° 16”

  1. michael pokocky Says:

    Great. Great. Great.
    Really love the story of how this painting came into existence. Show it to the buyer and then ask him to tell you about his life and let him talk. People love to be asked about their lives and you’ll end up with your artistic freedom. At least that’s how I used to do my investment banking deals. But that was another life. Love to see more of a home collection Miki and then get in touch with some Architectural Magazine like Architectural Digest in the USA. Or even Cote Sud et al. [Architectural Digest — The International Magazine of Design:]
    [LUXURYCULTURE.COM – Sharing the Art of Living Well] [Villa Rental & Villa Vacations – HomesAway]

  2. Miki Says:

    Great and generous and very informative comment, Michael. Thanks!
    I do what you suggest with many clients, when they don´t know what they want, and it works well. And like you I believe that at the end there is no difference between your bank clients and my art clients.
    But that one knows exactly what he wants: his house exactly like it looks like!
    I don´t worry so much about my artistic freedom, you know, i have quite a lot! And anyway, many of the greatest art works in the history are the result of the meeting between a client bringing a project and an artist who, accepting this external limitation is still able to find a way of self-expression. Well, in my case, i don´t believe that this house will become a famous art work, but if he loves it at the end, then I am happy and I have done a fantastic job!
    A French Poet called Valéry Larbaud said:
    “The greatest art works are always the fruit of a deep humility…”

  3. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Miki, Your humility inspires me as much as your incredible paintings. THis brand of humility is so rare with artists I find.

  4. contessine Says:

    what a wonderful painting with such genius!

  5. shelleymhouse Says:

    This is beautiful, Miki! You have an amazing way with colors and textures.

  6. flyoungstudio Says:

    I LOVE your approach to this, and it tells much more of a story than if you had painted it “realistically”…i’d want to call it home! best of luck with your artistic endeavors, and I’ll look forward to checking out your blog more often

  7. Miki Says:

    Hi Heather, and thank you for your great comment! It was kind of you to stop here and let me know… of course you are always welcome “home”…

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