From outside to inside to outside…

Speaking about the creative process: most of the time I need some input from outside to make a new painting, or at least, it is the only way for me to find satisfaction in art….everything else is just a reflection of my solitary inner life, and to see it outside on a paper or canvas, how beautiful and vibrant the colours might be, it just bores me. I paint to feel myself alive within life , this means interaction, excitement and (positive) tension, everything else doesn´t touch my soul.

But today I made an exception: I just inspired myself, and it was just as if I had been inspired by somebody else. In fact I was inspired by the painting of my home I presented here in my last entry, and that had been inadvertently inspired by a client, in as much as I did the opposite to what he originally wanted!

I just felt the need to paint the town in which my home is, in the same flippy way as I painted my home. Here it is. And don´t ask me why these paintings all have a north african flavour…

New Altea in North Africa


14 Responses to “From outside to inside to outside…”

  1. psychscribe Says:

    i just happened upon your site – still reading – but i have to tell you this painint is beautiful, just beautifult….

  2. Miki Says:

    Thankyou very much for the compliments!
    It´s always a very special moment for me to meet a new person who likes my art.

  3. citiperk Says:

    Very nice piece. Very inspiring! The feeling I get from it is’ it almost feels as if they are headed out of the city they once loved in search of a land less distrustful and more forgiving. I enjoyed viewing your work, you are very talented.

  4. Miki on the creative process+ « Philosophis+ Says:

    […] Miki wrote her post, From outside to inside to outside, where she shares with us in an elegant way her personal view on the creativity.  She says, […]

  5. Michael Pokocky Says:

    I wrote about your post today Miki because it contributes to the conversation,”I seek to explore one question, What can I do to develop my creative courage?”
    But I also wanted to drop by and to thank you for writing about creativity and your explanation of your journey with it. Highly elegant and inspiring and I applaud you for this.

  6. Peggy Payne Says:

    I like the idea of painting in a “flippy way.” It certainly did get good results.

  7. Susan Cornelis Says:

    I’m still hoping that some day I can eavesdrop on you painting and watch without being seen (and therefore not interrupting your creative process. THere’s so much energy in this painting and it feels very biblical.

  8. Miki Says:

    Susan, I swear you, if you are arounf me when I am paintng, you will look yourself like my painitngs, covered with all the colours of the rainbow! My “flippy” way of painting such things is rather wild…the whole room looks like the painting when I have finished!
    Biblical? Really? Strange… If yes, then it comes directly from the Inconsciousness…I might illustrating the Bible eventually…surely a highly inspiring “book”….
    My deep thanks to Michael, for the beauty of his comments and his selfless help.
    And please to meet you, Peggy.
    And you, Cityperk, and thanks for the interesting comment and interpretation.

  9. amelo14 Says:

    The dynamism of your work is astonishing. Thanks for sharing!


  10. kevmoore Says:

    Miki, I totally identify with Susan’s comment..I feel a very biblical vibe coming out of this, and it kind of ties in with citiperk’s comment about people leaving the city for a more trustworthy land…perhaps subconsciously the Israelites heading out of Egypt? (Listen to me, and I’m not even religious!) 🙂

  11. iondanu Says:

    After all those intelligent and witty comments, what could I comment ? Everything I’ll say would be lame…but still, I love the way you are able to balance and to enhance that very difficult pair of complementaires, yellow and violet. and it’s a mystery how you can make such abstract things looking so figurative…Great work and very interesting diagonal composition… Chapeau!

  12. Miki Says:

    Thanks, Danu, your appreciations means a lot to me.
    The mystery… well… it is the resulkt of the creation process itself. I guess it comes be cause such paintings always start with colour which i randomly put on the paper (which colours and where is just random, and if not, then it is inconscious), and then I try to see “concrete things” there, and when I see some, I just enhance them a little… the real secret being to know where to stop the enhancement!

  13. Miki Says:

    I am not religious myself, so i guess some psychoanalysts would find pleasure in analysing this painting and making statements about my Unconsciousness…

  14. Sarah Says:

    This painting is so cool. I really like how it’s done. It’s such a unique way to express yourself.

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