Not much more than nothing, and yet…

Watercolour Landscape

This is a typical example of the kind of paintings I MUST do after having painted a series in the style of the paintings presented in my last few entries, just falling back to another extreme, in this case, absolute simplicity and transparency.

By the way this kind of artistic behaviour which tends to make people think, that I must be schizophrenic. This couldn´t be further from the truth: I have not 2 personalities… I have a lot of them, as many as there are extremes! But honestly: I feel wonderful amongst them all!

And don´t forget my competition! Give me a Title for the following painting and win a price:
The Yeti in No man´s Land


2 Responses to “Not much more than nothing, and yet…”

  1. Michael Pokocky Says:

    The creative journey takes a turn,”the kind of paintings I MUST do after having painted…” after you have finished [another] creative journey illustrates there is no break in the energy or the force of creativity. It’s another “extreme” you say adds to the mystery of creativity even more. I thank you for sharing your insight with us.

    The idea of relating “artistic behavior” to being “schizophrenic” is another insight you offer from your your “personal legend” as Paulo Coelho talks about so much.

    And the idea of there being “a lot of [personalities]” within you or around you is another gem to consider when talking about creativity.

    I think you cap off your wonderful description by saying you “feel wonderful amongst them all,” is the ambient positive life you live within and without.

    Keep on being Miki? (1) (2) (3)…

    Great post and absolutely a phenomenal painting Miki.

  2. Mary Says:

    Hi Miki!! How are you doing today?

    I love this paiting.. It expresses quietness and calmness which I certainly need at this time of the year.. I would like to have this painting in my studio, so as to look at it whenever I’m there studying.. It would ease my mind. I love the colors you have used ’cause they are bright and somehow.. le dan luminosidad to the work of art.. (how do you say that in english?)

    It really is a cool painting!!

    Great Job Miki!!

    Big Hugs


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