Hand in Hand in Words…

Some time ago, in honour of the first anniversary of my parents´ first great-grandchild Marius, I presented here the following painting:


Today I had the immense and wonderful surprise to get a mail announcing me an entry, inspired by this painting. It is a poem, called “Motherly Love”, written by Mary @ Love is my Energy.

I´ll reproduce here only the first lines, because I think you should read the poem in its personal, own context. So please go to her blog now and read the rest, it is simply wonderful! A wonderful example of simplicity and “genuinity” (I invented the word for her, you might find a better one!)


Motherly Love

I’m holding your hand

So small in my palm

Don’t you cry my child

I will be always

By your side


Don´t you find that this was a great idea from Mary? I do!



One Response to “Hand in Hand in Words…”

  1. contessine Says:

    what a great idea to write a poem inspired by a painting.Both together are beautiful. And now I go to Mary’s blog to read the whole poem.

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