Café Crem and Cafés of the World

I have painted so much during the last few weeks, and put so much work into completely reorganising my gallery, hanging more than 100 new paintings, that I can´t even look at my own paintings anymore! They bore me to death, actually!

So today I will just present you 2 new projects, which I think you might enjoy.

First a new place called “Cafes of the world” , created by Michael Pokocky, who invites everybody to present there his favourite café(s) in the world. A great idea, I find, and I just can hope that many people here will participate. I show there my favourite café already… here it is

Cafe Crem Van Gogh

Do you recognise anything?

Well, it has to do with Van Gogh, and with Café Crem. If you want to know more, just go there. To Cafés of the World I mean. Well, you can go to Café Crem too, the second project I spoke about. I even recommend you to run there, because we have just started a Christmas Party, which promises to be great fun, with a lot of stuff for the heart, for the brain and even a lot of chocolate and other Christmas comestibles to win!

Christmas Coffee Cup Competitionj


2 Responses to “Café Crem and Cafés of the World”

  1. Michael Says:

    Just found this out and I am very grateful to you for writing it up and recommending it to your readers. Everything’s Eventual so I have no expectations for the site except to have fun. Thank you for being the 1st to post in cafes of the world+ Miki!!!
    Kind Regards,
    Michael Pokocky

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