A heart rain´s gonna fall…

This blog is normally a way for me to live another kind of reality. As I explained yesterday, i must take a rest from my own internet painting exhibiting activity, just because I have been preparing for two weeks two big exhibitions in the real world, and I am sick of it now! In French:
“Je ne peux plus voir mes peintures en peinture!”

So I thought a good alternative would be, till I recover, to present the work, ideas, places, etc… of other people that I really appreciate. It has the advantage to show you quality work, and to tell you about me too, indirectly, through my tastes.

I first showed you A Heart in Love, then The Cafes of the World

And now… I just went to the blog of Susan Cornelis and REALLY had one of these breath-taking experiences, as I saw her last painting.

Susan Cornelis VP Eye of nature

I didn´t ask her for permission to reproduce her painting here, but I hope she doesn´t mind. You should just go to her blog to read the interesting story behind this painting. It is simply wonderful, a dream! And take some more time to enjoy her other entries too, I think you won´t regret it.
You are a Great Artist and Une Grande Dame, Susan!