Fire orange: a new light on a woman and her painter!

When you are a painter yourself, to appreciate other painters’ work is a rather delicate matter. At least if you want to be honest. There are many reasons to it, more or less the result of our human imperfect condition (I suppose you all know what I mean…).

But one reason is from different nature: I suppose each painter prefers paintings which resemble his own. Not always, of course… but somehow it is logical, because I think each painter (at least the ones who paint only for the sake of it) is trying to paint what he/she likes in the way he/she likes it. For example me. I generally love paintings in the colours red, orange, yellow, pink, purple with some contrast in grey, black, brown, and a little bit of green or blue. And paintings which show movement, or harmony, or passion, etc… and when I look back at my own work, well, this is exactly what it is all about!

Some time ago I saw a painting from Susan Cornelis, which totally blew my mind. I just felt deep admiration and the result was that I HAD TO present it here, to share it with everybody visiting my blog.

This morning I had an experience of the same kind with a painting from Ion Vincent Danu. I saw it and instantaneously thought:

“Wow, THIS is beautiful!”

And as I did with Susan I want to share this painting with you here, and invite you to visit Danu’s blog and to read the entry corresponding to this painting. His entries, each of them in that blog, next to the paintings, are anyway always very interesting and well written.

Fire Orange

And as I said in a comment I left in his blog:

“I guess every woman would like to be painted in this orange fire light! And this painting is also giving a new, firey light on YOU, Danu!”


3 Responses to “Fire orange: a new light on a woman and her painter!”

  1. Susan Says:

    Well finally I got here to see DAnu’s painting and read your thoughts and now I must also visit his blog, because I totally agree – about the colors and the passion and harmony and movement. Well of course I agree. That was your point. There’s the similarity and just enough difference among us to intrigue.

  2. psychscribe Says:

    oh miki! i absolutely love this one!

  3. ivdanu Says:

    As an egotiscal arse, I din`t visit as often as I wish and should your blog, miki! I didn`t know you wrote about me (or if I knew I forgot! I`m begining to slip away, sometimes…) and I did not thank you. I do it now and of course you are right: there is something about your warm colors which is esssentially similar to Susan`s yellow and orange swan and also to my `fire orange`… But them we do belong together (with probably thousands other artists) to that famous Brotherhood of artists (term and concept which is not new but to which Robert Henri gave new senses…)

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