It is snowing all over Spain!

I was working inside all the day, didn’t notice much of the weather except that I felt some kind of (for Spain) unusual cold creeping through my skin… then, late afternoon, I had an appointment with a client, I had to drive with him to Altea -a wonderful artists village in the neighborhood- to order a frame for a painting of his house I made about 3 weeks ago. I was quite shocked by the temperatures outside, considering that some days ago we had about 25 degrees outside! At the frame shop the man said, that it was snowing all over Spain already, that there were even snow on the low mountains around here, and that tonight, snow was expected on the beach! I so much hope to see that tomorrow morning, snow is so rare around here!

In the meanwhile, and because I am so impatient, I have made a painting of snow in Spain… only how I imagine it of course!

Snowing all over Spain


5 Responses to “It is snowing all over Spain!”

  1. Bird in Love Says:

    Oh Miki!! It’s so wonderful.. I love the painting and the colors you have used.. it makes me want to go there!!
    What you just told makes me remember of July, this year. Here in Córdoba (Argentina) it never snows, so imagine, I’ve always been anxious to know how the snow is… On July 9th, I woke up thanks to the sound of an incoming text message that G… (my friend, you’ve been to his blog) had sent me. He was telling me “Wake up!! It’s snowing outside!!” So, I got up and ran downstairs… open the window (now I don’t know why I didn’t open my room’s windor.. hehehe) and I saw everything white!! Imagine my happiness.. it was the first time in my life I was seeing the snow flakes.. so white!! Unbelievable! I went running to my bro’s room and woke him up.. then to my mom and dad’s room and woke them up.. they couldn’t believe it either!
    We took lots of pictures.. it was so great!! Later that day we heard on the news that it was the first snow in 40 years!!
    I was so happy to know what the snow is that I keep some in the refrigerator.. hehe..

    I loved your painting!! made remember of that day 🙂


  2. kevmoore Says:

    A lovely story Mary, which in turn reminded me of several years ago in Almeria, here in Southern Spain, when it snowed for the first time in 50 years. All the children were running out of the houses, open-mouthed! It was only something they’d seen in picture books, or in the far distance, dusting the peaks of the Sierra Nevada, but here it was, brilliant white and cold to the touch, in their very own backyard! Such a wonderful scene!

  3. mimulus Says:

    Hello, Miki! Of course I remember you! I have a link to your blog on mine. I love paintings. I want to find time to visit your entire blog. Thanks for the kind words. We can speak to each other on MSN. Check out my About section. I usually connect at night though. Happy Holidays for you and Kevin.
    Abraços do Brasil

  4. Susan Says:

    I am so amazed at the cold you’re having on the Mediteranean! I have never seen it snow here where I live, although usually we see snow on the mountain across from us. But snow on the beach would be exceptional. Tomorrow perhaps? Or just keep painting it from your inner vision.

  5. psychscribe Says:

    glorious paintings of spain – the colors are just…bursting!

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