It is still snowing all over Spain… but where?

Everywhere I go, in every newspaper I read, in each Spanish TV channel, they all tell me the same:

“It is snowing all over Spain!”

They have been threatening it for 2 days, they told me that the mountains and even the beach would be white the day after, and when I awoke the next morning I climbed up to my solarium, from which I can see the mountains and the beach, but everything was so normal, the sky was blue, the beach was yellow and the mountains were grey. What a disappointment! You, who live in the Northern countries, you won’t understand it. But when you spend the whole year under the sun, you really fancy some rain sometimes, and even more some snow, which looks extremely romantic upon the Mediterranean landscapes.

But where is this bloody snow? They keep announcing it for tomorrow… I guess it is again a perfect example of the well-known Spanish life philosophy which can be resumed in one word:


Surely the simplest and most practiced philosophy in the whole world!

But it is a long long time till mañana, so today I keep dreaming of snow… with my brushes in hand, the most secure way to see snow in Spain!

Snowing in Spain again


2 Responses to “It is still snowing all over Spain… but where?”

  1. Susan Says:

    I’m sure your snow painting is more beautiful than any “real” snow would be. But it is cold? How lovely to be able to see both the sea and the mountains from your home.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Here in Morocco, we are FREEZING indoors, as most people have no indoor heat (no central heating) even though it gets up to 18-20 during the daytime. We do have electric space heaters but electricity is so expensive in Morocco that they are very expensive to use. Some people have gas heaters, or little wood braziers, but with both, you have to leave the window a bit open or you can die from carbon monoxide poisoning (so what’s the point in those kinds). Anyway, what is the situation now in Spain with heating indoors?

    Madame Monet
    Writing, Painting, Music, and Wine

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