Moroccan Dreams

Still no snow on the beach, and no more hope to see some soon, it is warmer again in Spain! So I better stop dreaming of snow and go over to my Moroccan dreams!Why Morocco?Well, I have been dreaming of going to Morocco for more than 20 years (yes, you won’t believe it, but I am older than 20!). My brother lived there, in Casablanca, with his Arabian horse. I swear, he really had an Arabian horse which he rode regularly, practicing for the parades of the French Army where he was a colonel and a teacher for Information and Logistics. Anyway, I never went to Morocco, the reason being, without entering into the sad details, a total travel incompatibility with my first German husband!But I regularly keep dreaming of Morocco. I dream of the landscapes, the colours, the markets, the medinas, the atmosphere, etc.. I want to go there with Kevin in our motor home, but I am so scared. One hears so many scary things from travelers. I heard that motor homers tend now to form big colonies and travel together through Morocco like a camel caravan in the desert, the only way they found to be safe.. Unfortunately this is not my conception of traveling and freedom…So I keep dreaming and painting Morocco from my fantasy… I have no idea if Morocco looks like my paintings of it, but at least I sell them well!Another reason to come back to Morocco these days is Cafe Crem. We have a new concept there, and Madame Monet, who lives in Morocco, is inaugurating since yesterday the new Cafe Crem with a series of entries about The Festival of The Sacrifice. Great entries by the way, and if you want to participate to the discussion, just go there and speak!Morocco


7 Responses to “Moroccan Dreams”

  1. wpm1955 Says:

    Dear Miki,

    I don’t know about Motor Homes in Morocco, I’ve never seen anyone traveling with them, but why don’t come without it for a first trip?

    Morocco is not a very difficult country to travel in, even for a single woman alone. If you have a man with you, you’ll have no problems at all on that account.

    I traveled all around the world alone for a year, and a year after that I came to Morocco. I found it surprisingly easy, in comparison with Egypt, or India, for example.

    If you are nervous, fly to Marrakesh (I think there are some cheap flights these days) and I’ll see what I can do about meeting you here and making some recommendations.

    I don’t think Morocco is a really dangerous country–there are just dangerous areas, just like in any country. The TRAFFIC is quite dangerous, however. I think you’d enjoy yourself.

    The colors in this painting look great!

    Madame Monet, Marrakesh
    Writing, Painting, Music, and Wine
    (does my life on this blog sound dangerous?)

  2. Miki Says:

    Thank you, Madame Monet, for this interesting comment and your proposition to help us when we’ll come over to Morocco. We might do it the way you say, one day.
    The problem with motorhomes is everywhere, they are simply attacked, and a little bit more often in some countries than others.
    I really love travelling in our motor home, it is quite big and it is for me and my painting and my freedom love the very best solution. We were travelling 10 weeks this summer, from here in Spain to the top of Scotland, it was simply wonderful.
    We met on the way a lot of motorhome people with Morocco experience… they really meet there and build something like motor homes colonies, German colony, French colony, etc… and then travel through Morocco. It reminds me of the caravans in the western films too… it is so fascinating how we human always build and rebuild the same organisation structures! Of course, ir is nature, and it is logical, when something works, why should we change it?!
    Your year around the world must have been fascinating! Have you written about it, a book, a diary, a blog, or something else?

  3. Susan Says:

    Miki, it sounds like destiny that you will travel in Morocco, with or without the motorhome. Your many paintings of the area are so convincing that it must have been in a past life you were there too. Also the south of Spain has such a strong historical connection to North Africa, no? I love the warmth of this painting!

  4. Michael Says:

    Nice to visit here again. I haven’t for awhile being preoccupied. Tonight I came and saw a and was reminded why I featured you on my blog in the first place. I could spent a lot of time here looking at the paintings and reading what you write. I hate to be bored so what I am saying is I forget about being bored when I come here.
    best, michael

  5. Marco Says:

    chouettes couleurs

  6. Miki Says:

    Merci Marco! Ca fait plaisir de voir des chouettes sur mon blog! Avec tous ces mots an anglais un peu partout je ne me sents pas trop chez moi ici!

  7. Moussa Says:

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