Merry Christmas from Miki to Everybody!

Merry Christmas

I made this Christmas picture for my best friend, Susan Cornelis, but today I think she will agree me sharing it with all of you…

Kevin has made a Special Christmas Song for all his friends from Cafe Crem, but I am sure, he would be happy to share it with YOU too!

Allow me to serve you all a cup of hot Christmas chocolate and to wish you a merry Christmas, and to all your family and friends!


15 Responses to “Merry Christmas from Miki to Everybody!”

  1. Les Says:

    Merry Christmas Miki. Thanks for stopping by my blog this year. I enjoyed getting to meet you via the blogosphere.

  2. whyamistilltyping Says:

    Hi Miki! Thanks for your kind words about my blog. Merry Christmas to you too, I love you work 🙂

    All the best 🙂

  3. Biscotte Says:

    J’ai l’impression que l’enregistrement jpeg a dĂ©naturĂ© le tableau c’est vraiment dommage car cela gâche un peu le superbe travail. Encore une fois Joyeux NoĂ«l Ă  vous et merci d’ĂŞtre passĂ© dans mon antre Ă  biscotte =)

  4. middleXeast Says:

    Merry Christmas, Miki.

  5. Miki Says:

    Thank you everybody, for the kind wishes!
    Merci a toi aussi, Bicotte, et j’ ai bien peur que ce ne soit pas la faute de Monsieur Jpeg si l’ image te semble dĂ©naturĂ©e… c’est moi qui l’ ai faite comme ca parce que je l’ aime comme ca… Bon Noel!

  6. Biscotte Says:

    tiens c’est Ă©trange ça ressemble vraiment Ă  du jpeg ^^ maladroit quand tu nous tiens >.<

  7. Miki Says:

    La je dois dire que je passe… comprends pas… maladroit quand tu nous tiens?… ce que je voulais dire moi, c’est que ce qui peut te sembler maladroit, est tout simplement mon style ici… mais bien sur, l’ image est en jpeg…

  8. Biscotte Says:

    en gros ça veut dire que j’ai Ă©tĂ© maladroit =P et non pas que je trouve ton style maladroit

  9. Miki Says:

    Pas de probleme! Il ya longtemps que j’ ai quittĂ© la France, et beaucoup de choses provenant d’ elle semblent m’ echapper… mais ce qui ceratinement ne m’ a pas Ă©chappĂ© est la beautĂ© de ton texte… ah et puis la comprehension est rendue diffcile par tous ces caracteres Ă©tranges parsemĂ©s dans tes commentaires… mon blog est anglais…

  10. Biscotte Says:

    ah ok je comprends si tu veux que je parles anglais je peux =)

  11. cantueso Says:

    Happy winter solstice, Miki!

  12. almacabel Says:

    It’s a mug filled with magic! I’ve always believed this season to be a magical time of year. 🙂 I’m so happy to have met you, Miki. Merry Christmas to you and Kev!

  13. Bird in Love Says:

    Merry Christmas Miki!!!! I love the painting, as always my dear friend! 🙂 I hope you have a great evening, enjoy as much as you can with the ones you love and always remember that there is a light up there shinning just for you and all the good things you do!!

    Hope and best wishes for this night!!

    Un abrazo grande Miki!!


  14. Dominant Dansby Says:

    It’s me again “Dominant Dansby” and I’d like to say that I did do what you told me to do but there is something’s which came about doing it that made it harder for me.
    I was drawing with charcoal on this newsprint paper of 81/2 by 11 because I did not have color paper and it was really difficult to have it come out the way I want.
    Now right now I’m asking you whether drawing on Newsprint rather then charcoal paper makes a big difference.

    Also your latest works are amazing, I’m wondering how you manage to create those splashes and twirls.

  15. Miki Says:

    Hi DD, I’ m glad to see you here again!
    Unfortunately I don’t know what is newsprint paper. But I do know that pastel surely doesn’t work on all papers. If you want to reach an effect like the still life you liked, you really need to take some colour paper, we call it “craft paper” in Europa, it is very simple (and cheap) paper! You can even take some beige ot brown “pack paper”. Perhaps you should send me a photo of your work, or post it on Devian, and tell me what exactly is not the way you wish and I may help, at least tell you if you if it is because of the paper…

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