Ave Maria, Bit by Bit, by Santa Claus!

I am no longer a religious person, although I do believe, like most of us, in some kind of “metaforce”, which I called Santa Claus yesterday, in a conversation about the higher power which guides the writers and painters hands…Why did I call it Santa Claus? Ask me please if you want to know…In my youth I spent a lot of time and energy in religious discussions, but one day I stopped, and even officially left the Catholic church in Germany (does that mean, by the way, that I am out of the French Catholic church, too? ….. no idea!). But this week I came by chance into a discussion with some Christians in WordPress and well, I am older now, and wiser and surely more relaxed about religion, so in the end I enjoyed the discussion, and still do.Anyway, the entry which caught my attention was called “Ave Maria”. To honour these kind people there on Reformation Universalis, and because it is Sunday, and because my parents still go to the church where I was baptised, and because this church is 5 km away from Lourdes, where Marie appeared to Bernadette, I painted my Ave Maria today, with my hands and my computer guided by Santa Claus!… sorry if you don’t see the connection, but Santa was in quite a crazy mood today..

.Ave Maria by Santa Claus 3


7 Responses to “Ave Maria, Bit by Bit, by Santa Claus!”

  1. aniche Says:

    goddamn, ur muse seems to be completely demented. that is one scary ass pic 😀

  2. Miki Says:

    Hi Aniche!
    Strange and interesting how our perceptions can be different!! I don’t find the picture scary, quite on the contrary…
    But you are right, my Muse is quite crazy…

  3. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Totally psychedelic, man!

  4. Laura Says:

    I really love this! It’s always good to have a fresh perspective!

  5. Les Says:

    Thanks for the kind remarks about our post interactions. I’ve been out of connection for a few days. Admittedly I am no art expert or even a very good amateur. But I really like your work. This is not scary at all. Very good.

  6. Miki Says:

    Thank you so much for your kind comments, Laura and Les! I was not expecting positive rreactins to my crazy painting of Maria from you! You seem to be real modern Christians! 🙂
    I am away from home, and have a problem with Internet where I am, I have to go to an Internet Cafe to be online, but I will be reconnected soon and go on then with the interesting discussion! Happy new year to both of ypu!

  7. wrjones Says:

    Beautiful, God will like it.

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