Facing your Fear…

Facing your Fear
Who is Who? I dont know…


5 Responses to “Facing your Fear…”

  1. Susan Cornelis Says:

    You must be the one in green, dancing in the swirling movement while the rest of the cosmos, fearful and not, watches in amazement.

  2. Miki Says:

    Your comment is so great, Susan, and so funny somehow! As I was making this entry I didn´t want to put any word, but the question about Who is Who came automatically… And In fact, then, the more I looked at the picture -I didn´t think anything as I did it, you know how I work…- the more I saw YOU as the dancing green figure, and ME as the swirling water!
    Still don´t know, though, who is the blue one… perhaps a personification of our fears? although she looks more scared than we!!!

  3. psychscribe Says:

    Soooo interesting, Miki! What is the medium that you did this in? Funny, I saw te blue one as male! I love how the woman rejoices in her freedom!

  4. dovelove Says:

    Gawd, that is an amazing painting. I first saw it in scanning a “tag surf,” and it immediately took my breath away. I feel like weeping just looking at it, it’s so gorgeous…

    I can relate to your not being sure of what’s what after an image like this comes through you, all part of the joy of it 🙂


  5. dovelove Says:

    Ah, some quick afterthoughts… You’re all of it 🙂 The suffering before facing the fear (which I see in the burnt orange behind the head), having moved through the “fire,” (suffering/fear) … the ego (the big head? ha!), the personified joy and healing (the dancing green figure) … the peaceful blue on the other side of the fire. And I see something “snake-y” on the head’s left side, too much logical thinking brings about all the suffering, the fear? Snake = Transformation (in a big way)

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