Give Me a Title

I want to invite you to take part to my new “GIVE ME A TITLE” Competition, starting today. The last one has been won by Deran, from USA, with the wonderful title

“Making Sense of Static”

It is very simple: just give me a title for the creation I presented in my last entry in this blog:

Facing your Fear

You can leave the title here as a comment (and I´ll add it myself to the list of the other titles in my website Goodaboom), or you can go directly to the competiton page Give Me A Title.

By the way: there is something to win: a hand-signed A5 reproduction of the painting.

Good Luck and thanks for participating!


13 Responses to “Give Me a Title”

  1. jake Says:

    I think girl is scaring the big guy

  2. dovelove Says:

    “At The Brink of Peace”

  3. dovelove Says:

    For a little explanation, in addition to my previous statements about this wonderful picture… The “head” still kinda holds the “ego,” but it has just gone through the fire (hell/suffering/fear). It is right in the middle, having just come out of the fire. Even a bit of residual “hell” is still in front of him/her (the bit of fiery orange). There’s an understandable shaken look on the face, having gone through that fire. But also a look of amazement at what this has put before him/her. Healing, peace and joy (the beautiful blue water, the green dancer, green = healing, blue = peace). The pink on the lips, and the small pink pools around the nose, under the eyes. Verbal expression of emotions, tears, love (water = emotion, pink = love) has safely moved him/her through the fire.


  4. Miki Says:

    Thank you very much for your comments and explanations, Dove! Great to see with which depth you have looked at that picture, and which interpretation came out. I am impressed, and honoured, that you took the time for it, and that you found these great words to express your feelings about it… Thank you for the wonderful title too!

  5. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Dove’s post reminds me of a Rumi poem about diving into the fire and being cooled. . .I’m going to try to find it and share it here.

  6. Mary Says:

    Hello Miki!! 🙂 How are you my dear!!?
    Should the title be in english or in spanish?

    My dady would name it “Búsqueda y Asombro”. He said the painting is so great when I asked him to have a look at it.

    I would name it “Liberating Experience”.

    I love it! As all of your paintings!!

  7. Miki Says:

    @ Mary, I am fine! Thank you so much for the title! And thanks to your dad too, it is so kind of you to invite him to participate, please thank him from me! I am happy for any title, in which language ever… it is nice to have a Spanish title among the English ones, now, it is the first time since I started these “Give Me a title” competitions (about one year ago…). And what lovely words about my paintings..
    @ Susan, it would be great if you could find that Rumi poem, I love the metaphor of diving into the fire and being cooled… it suits so well to the picture somehow…
    @ Shelley, thank you for the beautiful title… i recognise your general optimism, having chosen a title which only reflects the positive part of the picture. i like that! And anyway I love the fact you have put a colour to the desire, it is an unusual contrast…

  8. wrjones Says:

    Wet Dream

    I’m sorry, that wasn’t nice. I have to remember to do a post about naming paintings.

    Your work is always so vibrant and imaginative. The envy is doing me mental damage.

  9. Miki Says:

    Bill, this is VERY nice… even after Kevin explained me what it really means…

  10. Green Desire (Désir vert) « Art by Shelley Says:

    […] mind if I borrow this title back from her. I thought “Green Desire” would work for her “Give Me a Title” competition. Then I came across this older painting of mine, and the poem just seemed to write itself. Thank […]

  11. Barbara Wulff Says:

    Maybe something Classical like:’Chronos eating his Children’

  12. Miki Says:

    Welcome to my blog and Thank you for the great title, Barbara! I have added it to the list on my painter website .

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