Somebody else leaving, today!

Somebody else leaving

I don´t know what the hell is happening these days, but they all seem to leave!


5 Responses to “Somebody else leaving, today!”

  1. psychscribe Says:

    Miki this is wonderful, as usual! I don’t remember if I asked last time, but what is your medium for this art? Psych

  2. Cliff Burns Says:

    Miki: This is gorgeous, GORGEOUS stuff. I’m forwarding it on to my wife, who’s an arts consultant and is much more intelligent and well-versed in the visual arts than I am–certain she will be similarly impressed. What a mind at work here and I second the many supportive and admiring comments you’ve received thus far. Kid, this is great…

  3. kevmoore Says:

    your foray into these new areas is really inspiring you miki, not to mention your viewers! Great work!

  4. Miki Says:

    Thnak you for the wonderful compliments everybody! Really great to see that you like my artistic games in this new atelier in this wonderful free space between reality and duality…

    @Cliff: the “Kid” could be your grand-mother, and is pleased to see you here. I hope your wife is not too intelligent to appreciate my stuff!

    @ Psych: you already asked, and I forgot to answer, so it is ok! My medium here is very complicated. It is a kind of mixed techniques with paintings, photography and Digital Art. I discovered this possibility by accident,only some weeks ago, messing around with one of my paintings. And actually I enjoy it very much, it is simply different and very exciting in the creation process!

    @ Kev Moore: YOU are my muse…

  5. WC Says:

    stumbled across your site and found this lovely exciting and inviting. It won’t be ignored and there is no way any viewer could remain neutral looking at it. The colors work so well together! Great!

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