Sunday School

Sunday School

Of course I wanted to make this entry yesterday, Sunday, but I was a naughty girl and skived off Sunday School… as usual!


6 Responses to “Sunday School”

  1. Bonny Says:

    Wow!! I love how all your paintings are so full of COLOUR!!!!! There is so much to see and interpret in each piece, I could spend hours looking at them.

    In this one I think I see a Japanese Geisha, a cow’s face, a Priest withthe Bible and the cemetary. There’s probably a lot more but that’s a good start.

    Oh, and just for the record… I skipped going to Church today, too…again;)

  2. ivdanu Says:

    Is this a combination painting-computer art, miki? Very surrealiste and very rich (not only in color)… I interpret it as a priest and a parent (?) forcing a girl (you?) to go to Sunday scholl, with a friend child (?) or another (more friendly adult or parent) watching it… Very righ in composition, texture and color…Très divers comme signes graphiques… Quel software a tu utilisé, miki?

    And by the way I like the new `look`of your blog…Thanks for including me on your blogroll, too…

  3. Susan Cornelis Says:

    I got the same hit as Danu that this girl in pink is being abducted by an evil priest in black, and another charactre who I hope is not her mother!! THe Geisha is definitely coming to the rescue. Must be Kev cause he always has the black hair.

  4. wrjones Says:

    The priest is trying to save the little girl from the knight who is trying to give her a cup of coffee. He doesn’t want her to become a geisha. The cow is a symbol of purity and is there to give milk for the girl which is much better for her than coffee.

  5. Miki Says:

    I have a lot of fun in my own blog actually, with all your comments! I always desperately try to find the cow, but I can’t, must be hidden in some other field with my bull Paco…

  6. Bonny Says:

    Miki, look at the left elbow of the priest. There is an ear and an eye in a white patch and then the long face ending with a blue square nose. There is a man’s pair of legs underneath the nose. Interesting layers going on here!

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