The Enchanted House

The Enchanted House

This old house stays in the field in front of my window… I look at it in the night when I am sitting at my computer… strange things are happening there sometimes… last night the earth opened in the yard and a winged blue horse rose up out of the whirl, dancing to the music of an old flamenco musician…


10 Responses to “The Enchanted House”

  1. dovelove Says:

    Awesome. I love it, love the colors. I didn’t see the musician at first, and I still don’t see the pegasus. I want to liken the musician to the Magician (a powerful action-oriented archetype) in the Tarot, charming the horse like a snake charmer. I was reading a few interpretations for the pegasus, it seems to represent being able to fly over any situation one might be experiencing, turning evil into good, protection during travels, inspiration, wisdom, and teaching humility and boundaries…immortality of the soul, carrier and protector of the spirit.

  2. Miki Says:

    Like always, fantastic comment, Dovelove! You really amaze me with your interpretation of my paintings… and your additional information is fantastic, I love it!
    Kev Moore, like you, didn’t see the musician at first, but it was before I said one word about it.. he discovered him by himself, suddenly, and he was amazed not to have seen him at the first glance. I don’t understand it myself… I thought he is quite obvious there, but even better like that, the surprise effect is deeper.
    The Pegasus? between the musician and the house, rising up from the spiral on the ground. The head is just above the white stain right from the house. And the wings, well, they might be more in my imagination than on the picture, although I really believe to see them…

  3. Susan Says:

    I see them all! the musician first, the horse’s head and yes the wings are there too. Pegasus is one of my favorites. But there’s so much more here. The green octopussy earth/water spirit at the base of the fountain. . .to make sure you are not just flying around in the air, but rooted to the ground as well.

  4. wrjones Says:

    I see an upside down baby bottle of milk in the middle?
    Don’t show this piece in Kansas, you will give them nightmares of tornados.

  5. innovatel Says:

    Wow … it’s fantastic!!!!

  6. Miki Says:

    Thanks everybody!
    @Bill… of course, the baby bottle of milk. Pegausu is trying to drink out of it, but wel, as you say, it is upside down… this is the reasin why he flew away, fedup…

    @Innovatel… thanks and welcome to my blog!
    To go on with the discussion started in defining moments: you don’t need to go to Italia to get good Italian food! I lived in Germanyt, and we had there wonderful Italian restaurants…
    But, yes I have been in Italia too… Venezzia, Dolomiten, Capri, Pisa, and many other places…

  7. innovatel Says:

    @Miki -> It was not the first time on this blog…it was the first comment 🙂 If you want to talk about this argument, you can take my email and you write me 🙂 bye 🙂

  8. Miki Says:

    @Innovatel… oops, I don’t get it really! which argument are you speaking about? do you mean the friendship online?
    Of course, you were there before, you told me… thanks for invitation anyway 🙂

  9. innovatel Says:

    @Miki -> oh yes, you found the argument … it’s not a problem for you 🙂

  10. Flamenco dancer Says:

    it certainly speaks of a passion and a feeling you only get in places like spain, were life is lived in flamenco style. Flamenco dance is characterized by highly nuanced, percussive footwork, a straight spine with at times an arch in the upper back, and arms held in long curves that frame the body. It conveys strength and, simultaneously, tenderness, urgency, pride and resilience.

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