A Golf Course in Paradise…

You and Me

Some days ago I lost a friend. And Instead of dressing myself in black and going to her funeral yesterday afternoon, I sat among the almond trees and painted a black tree for her. A portrait of her and me, somehow… she is the one who is pointing her proud breasts to the sky… and I am all the other ones!

Bye Brigitte, see you one day on a Golf Course in Paradise!


8 Responses to “A Golf Course in Paradise…”

  1. innovatel Says:

    Oh, it’s not a good time for you 😦

    Picture is beautiful … but I prefer you don’t do that 😦

  2. dovelove Says:

    It takes my breath away, absolutely stunning. I feel a need to call it by the name of one of my recent pics, without the hyphen, “She Rose”

  3. mimulus Says:

    I’m sorry about your friend. She could have left this life and you never get to know her. But you were friends…that’s the point.
    The painting is wonderful. I only found it sad after I read the post. At first look it was not.


  4. psychscribe Says:

    Miki, I am s sorry for the loss of your friend. I hope that wherever she is she sees this lovely tribute to her..Stunning work. Psych

  5. conortje Says:

    Wow. stunningly touching. I’m sorry for your loss. X

  6. wrjones Says:

    A beautiful commemoration.

  7. Miki Says:

    Thanks everybody!
    Somebody here fancying a golf game with me now that Brigitte is gone? 🙂

  8. 100swallows Says:

    I like this a lot, Miki.

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