Fantascapes #1: Bad Herbs

Bad Herbs

Susan Cornelis and me are starting now a common project with the name “Fantascapes”. Each of us, independently from each other but led by this same theme will present you alternatively and gradually our work in our blogs. We haven´t seen each other´s works until now, we will discover it gradually together with our readers. The series is not finished yet, we are both right now in the creative process and it might be that while discovering our work, we get mutually influenced and inspired by each other.

This common project is a wonderful and exciting adventure, and I hope you will follow us on our journey.

“Bad Herbs”

I go away. I know, nothing original as a famous French writer did it before me and claimed it in a book with the equivalent French title “Je m´en vais”. but this shouldn´t impede me to go and to shout it to the world, should it?

But while he goes and leaves everything behind him, I take everything with me. My Love, my Mac, my colours, my brushes, my memories and my dreams. I go south. It might not be the migration season but I don´t care, I can´t stand it anymore. it is starting raining and blowing gales again here, and the bad herbs grow higher and ever faster.

Higher than the telephone masts, higher than the respect of each other, higher than Morals.

Higher than the Good it is the Bad which they reach, always, everywhere. I refuse to let them invade my Being but I refuse too to declare war on them, not willing to become a bad herb myself. So I take my things and I go away, there, to this tiny little part of the world, where the bad herbs still die under my feet..


6 Responses to “Fantascapes #1: Bad Herbs”

  1. Halimi,SE Says:

    Your Blog very nice,Good luck.

  2. Susan Cornelis Says:

    You’ve launched us! And left me with a delightful image of yourself walking over a ground that recognizes your need for peace and serenity. This will come through the Fantascapes, your refusal of the Bad Herbs and war.

  3. Firmly rooted but flying… « Et glou et glou et glou… Says:

    […] landscapes, Miki, nature, still life, trees, water colour As an answer to my last entry for our common project “Fantascapes” , Susan Cornelis has published her first painting. […]

  4. kevmoore Says:

    I adore this art miki, its so deep. the colours delight and amaze. i feel I could jump in and drown in its depths, and go happily into that good night. Your allegory of the bad herbs is a powerful one, how they proliferate, if left unchecked, choking the beauty around them and sucking their goodness for their own ends. but as you say, respite is at hand, a place where our footfall quells a damaged nature and hope springs anew. A lightness of being, a breath of spring in the air, hungrily taken in, food of the gods, fuelling optimism’s engine.

  5. wrjones Says:

    I want to watch you create a piece like this. Make a short video please.

  6. Miki Says:

    I will explain it to you, bill, because it is you.
    1. I sit outside, among the blossoming almond trees, and paint them in watercolour.
    2. I go home, put the oven on, gas mark 5
    3. I prepare a marinade, leaving the painting to soak until the oven is hot
    4. Then I put the marinaded painting in the oven adn let it cook for about 30 minutes.
    5. Then I put it in the icebox on fast freeze for 10 minutes.
    That´s it!

    Unfortunately, my video camera is not oven resistant, so regretfully I cannot film this process.
    By the way it works too with oil painting on canvas, so you can try it if you want.
    And with chicken!

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