Fantascapes #2 : The Spell

The Spell

When somewhere somebody says that men are cruel, there is always somebody else answering:

“Nature is cruel too…”

meaning the cruelties of the animal world, of course. Everybody knows about it. Not the cruelties against the animals, the other ones: the big beasts eating the small, the females biting their lover´s head while coupling and finishing them after, the moms killing the weakest baby of the litter, and I ´ll keep silent about the even crueller ones…

But there are worse things in nature… when the skies and the seasons and the trees are involved, for example.

Some days ago, on my migration flight to the South, I witnessed a show which burnt my wings.

There was a parking place in the middle of the wild, surrounded by blossoming trees and invaded by bad herbs… not as high as in the North, though, and much more gentle. A sky, almost blue, the air almost warm. A caravan, and behind one of the windows, the faces of a painter and of a musician, sharing a coffee and staring at the sky. Suddenly the musician heard a terrible scream splitting the sky, and the painter saw the fire descending from the opened sky, crossing the space and burning the blossoms of the trees, The trees darkened and began to run, to run and to escape. A thousand-headed silhouette, white and old, almost transparent, watched them fleeing, filled with hate, screaming a terrible spell at them. That scream which tore the sky.

It was too early for Spring, not late enough for Love.

And not far enough.

The painter and the musician left and resumed their road South. Leaving the parking place a last glance in the rear view mirror. All that was left was the cold transparency of the winter, and the loneliness of the thousand-headed monster.

And me. With my burnt wings.


Kev Moore ´s Tale inspired by Fantascapes – Part 2 

(Each of my Fantascapes paintings, in turn, is the soundboard for a section of a continuing story by Kev Moore. which will unfold as I go)


Susan Cornelis´ Fantascape #2

(Susan Cornelis and me have started a common project with the name “Fantascapes”. Each of us, independently from each other but led by this same theme will present you alternatively and gradually our work in our blogs. We haven´t seen each other´s works until now, we will discover it gradually together with our readers. The series is not finished yet, we are both right now in the creative process and it might be that while discovering our work, we get mutually influenced and inspired by each other.)


One Response to “Fantascapes #2 : The Spell”

  1. Susan Cornelis Says:

    I look and look and am mesmerized as this painting moves and expands becoming a thousand dramas in one. Mesmerizing, electrifying and other worldly!

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