Fantascapes #3 – Wings and roots

Wings and Roots

It is more than 30 years now since I left my native country of France, or, to be more exact, that I escaped. I spent then the most part of these years trying to deny my roots, my origin and even my identity, without even trying to get a new one. On the contrary, I always refused to put down new roots anywhere, or with anybody. I have simply erased the past, reclaimed my universal liberty and always stated that these were the most important things in my life: my liberty and my wings… being aware though, deep inside and perhaps not always consciously, that liberty and wings are only fine as long as you know how to use them…

It is only a short time ago that I returned to France with pleasure and began to feel home when I am there, 2 years in fact. 2 years since I met by pure accident (an accident, really? pure, certainly!) the Man whom I have stopped to search for even in my dreams. After having met and being held in his arms, I felt how everything within me started again to fall back into place. As if I had been all the time a puzzle piece wrongly placed in the finale image of the world, an immense puzzle made of millions and millions of elements.

I then felt the need to return to France, to show him my Pyrenees mountains, the house where I was born, the schools where I had studied, the fields where I had played. I felt my whole past coming to life again, and it was wonderful to feel this life within me, after the big cold black hole that I had become…

And when I look at myself in the mirror today, I smile. I don´t ask anymore:

“Who is that?”

I look at the reflection of his face in my eyes and I whisper:

“Thank you, Kevin, I love you!”


8 Responses to “Fantascapes #3 – Wings and roots”

  1. Susan Cornelis Says:

    It sounds like it took romance to bring back the French in you! I’ve always thought that love is what the French do best. And this paint says it with such eloquence. The woman in love floating in the arms of her lover over the landscape of her past.

  2. Miki Says:

    Susan, I really don´t know where France and especially the French men have got their reputation from, but I can assure you that French people are the least romantic people I have ever met… well, almost! The Spaniards are the worst!

  3. Susan Cornelis Says:

    THat is very interesting! Maybe it’s the Italians i’m thinking of! And you know we Americans get a lot wrong about other cultures, isolated as we are on our “island”. So I guess I won’t give the French credit for YOUR romantic heart.

  4. kevmoore Says:

    This discussion throws up some interesting points about the misconceptions surrounding racial stereotypes. I, for one, find the Italians exactly the opposite of romantic. The men appear to me, to be superficial, self-important and sleazy. yes, they believe they are gods gift to women, standing mannequin-straight in their designer suits and shades, but isn’t it all a little pathetic? It’s often been parodied in British comedy…Italian guy comes through the door, gives his lady a rose holds her low in a romantic clinch, then lets her drop to the floor, as he goes off looking for his next conquest. perhaps I’m being unfair, after all, look at italian women after a lifetime of pizza and pasta sauce….

    I suspect the mantle of “romantic” is bestowed on a nation more for it’s perceived romantic locations, Paris, Rome, etc., and the notion that”hot-blooded latino males form sun-kissed mediterranean countries are the worlds best lovers. But as a northern lad from the windswept Derbyshire dales, surely, a night in snuggled up against the chill northwinds will always prove to be more romantic than watching some posey git cruise by on his lambretta shouting “ciao bella” whilst chewing a matchstick?

    I might write a book about this and call it “the sour grapes of wrath!”

  5. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Well, I must admit to a secret attraction to Mexican men based on experiences I had as an 18 year old girl living with a Mexican family on an exchange program and being serenaded each night under my window by Ramero and his band. Sigh. Left a lasting impression. Course I didn’t make the mistake of marrying him (not that he asked). Next would come Irishmen (who I also didn’t marry) and of course British.

  6. dovelove Says:

    Gorgeous — love the pic, it feeds my soul, as so often is the case with your pics…the colors are sooo wonderful…the sparkle that it radiates, the lovers, I just love all of it, it’s brilliant with goodness, an exotic bouquet for the eyes 🙂

  7. Miki Says:

    Hi DoveLove! Do you realise how important people like you are for artists? Your visits and your comments give me so much motivation and courage to go on… all artists have doubts, the smallest and the biggest, and the best way to fight and erase these doubts is to meet people like you… from the very depth of mxy heart and soul: THANK YOU!
    Have a nice week-end!

  8. Aga Says:

    More power, you are one of a rare in these big big world

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