Fantascapes #4: Dead Leaves

Dead Leaves

This morning I got the following mail (in German):

“Everybody knows it:

The net is very chatty

and uncovers some hidden secrets

when you ask him the right question.

Now that you have a net existence

maybe I can add another little piece of the Puzzle

to your already so restless life…

Having saying that:

Keep moving, always!”

followed by a link to a web page, almost blank, with the following words in the middle:


bei Momo

and suddenly I remember: Bule!

Bule, the little boy born in a soap bubble in Japan and travelling through the sky in his bubble!

Bule, this (unpublished) story for children which I wrote and illustrated when I sometimes let myself be called “Momo”, in honour of this little orphan living in a ruin and chasing time thieves…

That book, which I thought was lost in my past… almost forgotten… banished from my memory…

like dead leaves at a certain point of the space time continuum…


Who sent them back to me?


Important: look at Susan Cornelis´Fantascape #3


One Response to “Fantascapes #4: Dead Leaves”

  1. Susan Says:

    THis one may be my favorite so far. You have the Muses dancing – nature, humanity and spirit all in one ecstatic dance of color and light!

    Can you dig out Bule and share some of that? And do you have no idea who sent you the email?

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