The sun is still shining like crazy in Spain, and this morning again we enjoyed shamelessly the outdoor life! And you know what? You, who live amongst snow, rain and mist, you who always tell us how lucky we are to live here, IT IS YOUR OWN FAULT!

Do you really think that it is luck that we are here? I lived in Germany before, and Kevin in the UK. Do you really think our lucky angel took us under his wings and flew us here?

No! One day I simply couldn´t bear it anymore to live in that cold and rainy country, and amongst all the frustrated faces. I took the decision to leave, and I can tell you, the process of leaving is not a simple one, many doubts assail you before you really take the final decision. At the end it is like jumping into an abyss! One needs a lot of courage to jump, and really, if one doesn´t break one´s bones, and one succeed´s  to build a new happy life under the sun then one can say that one really deserves it.

So people, who envy us: if you are suffering under the bad weather, jump, as long as you are young enough to assure a good landing!

I draw some of these jumpers this morning, some are already old because they jumped a long time ago, some are younger… but all have something in common: they simply enjoy life in Spain!

Old Man in Spain
Woman reading Newspaper

9 Responses to “Jump!”

  1. wrjones Says:

    Very well put and very well drawn. I’d like to be there with you guys. But at least we have our own sun her in California (after you get done with it.)

  2. kim Says:

    First of all I got to tell you that you are right!!! Moreover you are brave! I don’t live in a rainy country though sitting right now on my computer, working and enjoying myself on internet I must confess that I envy you. I couldn’t possibly think of leaving right now, going home to my husband and just leave….Spain, Portugal….it doesn’t matter. But I’m not brave enough to do this now…Though maybe one day I will be…

  3. valiko75 Says:

    Nice pictures. We are happy to have some warm sunny days after a long cold winter. The Sun just makes you feel you are reviving..

  4. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Bravo! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Spanish sun and it really shows in your superb sketches. Just don’t eat too many of those donuts, OK? Short sleaves – ahhhh. Your scribble palm trees are so much better than the ones all drawn in perfectly and tight. And your building tops. . .just a little dash here and there and then some blue sky behind. .

  5. Miki Says:

    Thank you! But with the donuts, you are asking too much: I can´t resist! I love it too much to have the powder sugar all over my face and to try to get it with my tongue!

    Welcome to my blog, and thank you for the kind words. May I ask where YOU live? The sun is extremely important for the quality of life, I find… in Europe you can feel it everywhere in the Southern countries where the sun often shines, the people are more open, more friendly and communicative.For me to go in th sunis like recharging my batteries!

    Thankyou to tale some time to stop and leave a comment, it is very kind. Where so YOU live?
    Of course, it is difficult to jump when you have a family, above all children. But many people with children have come to Spain, from the UK, Holland, Germany, Scandinavia, France, Belgium,Russia, etc… and now we have here everything for everybody, international educational and health infrastructures, supermarkets from every country, etc… in fact where I live, it is a kind of Europe itself, just tiny, and with sun almost all the year!

    Thanks! Happy that you have some sun too… today is cloudless again, about 25°C… unfortunately Kevin had to fly to a gig in the uK, I don´t believe he will be so lucky there!

  6. iondanu Says:

    I already said it above, great sketches (this one too)! As for the courage to jump, Miki, I’ve jumped at 42 with all my family over the ocean… and I do not regret it. Canada is a great country and Quebec not a bad place to live in. True, the sun is quite scarce these days (still 25-30 cm of snow…) but you cannot have everything… Susan and Bill have California, you two have Spain but there is everywhere a catch… Don’t know what the catch is in Spain but I know Californians are afraid of the Big One…

    I wish I had just enough money to travel and survive in Spain or Portugal (or Italy or south of France)… or Greece or even Turkey…somewhere near the Mediteranean… I know I can paint nice watercolors and stuff but you need still a place to start and some money for a year or too… maybe latter? I would be more close to my parents (but then more far away from my children and ex…) See, one way or the other, there are always disavantages… But it’s not the courage to jump I miss…

  7. Miki Says:

    I know how much courage you have, Danu… the jump over the ocean surely required more courage than from Germany to Spain!
    And you are so right, there are always disadvantages. One must know for oneself what id the most important… my brother did a big jump too, he simply left France and a high career to sail alone around the world… he is in Tahiti now, living on a boat, and I can tell you we all miss him terribly, his parents, his his children (Contessine is his daughter), me, my other brother, his friends… I really wished he were not there, on the other side of the world. But we respected his choice…
    He is a typical example form somebody whose dreams were stronger than his fears…
    I always feel in you a deep regret not to be near the Mediterranean, Danu… one day, perhaps… of course you are right, one needs a place and some money to start, or a job. But many people who come here from the East European countries have ABSOLUTLY nothing when they arrive… and they find a way to live better than in their country eventually…
    I must add something. I have known a lot of people who succeeded in making a good new life in Spain, but nevertheless were very unhappy here, they simply missed home too much… and some went back, preferring a bad financial situation there than all the weather and material advantages here.

  8. maillot nba Says:

    At least some bloggers can still write. My thanks for this piece of writing

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