Bad landing in Spain

And well… refering to my last post… these are some of the ones who had a bad landing! There are quite a lot here… so, be careful if you decide to jump!

Unlucky people in Spain

Unlucky people in Spain 2


5 Responses to “Bad landing in Spain”

  1. iondanu Says:

    Is she really gives you the finger, miki!?! (I don’t suppose she was a Spanish emancipated woman lib? (a tourist, no doubt…) I also have a preference to draw and paint the fat ones and the bald one (I just need a mirror for that!)… but I never get the finger yet…

  2. iondanu Says:

    Great sketches, by the way!

  3. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Yes, I have to know. Is she giving you the finger, or someone else? Are these all jumpers – immigrants to Spain? My guess is the top picture is Germans? I totally love your sketching style. REally really.

  4. Miki Says:

    No, not me! I was sitting at the place from which I made the drawing. She was giving the finger to a man sitting with her at the table. They were English. But I don´t believe they were turists, I am quite sure they live here. They just behave as if they were owning Spain, like many immigrants do…
    In the top picture the man with the crossed arms was English too. The other ones I don´t know, but I don´t believe they were German. Around here we have a big majority of English and Irish, and that place was anyway an English bar.
    And yes, I guess all these are jumpers. But some of them possibly spend only a part of the year here. Many people do that do. They go back home when it becomes too hot here, so they get thze best from everywhere!

  5. innovatel Says:

    The picture are fantastic 🙂

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