Celebrities Cult

I present you today a series of our local celebrities… all of course hidden behind a mass of hair and/or sunglasses! In fact our town is full of celebrities, judging by the quantity of hair and sunglasses one can see everywhere! And no, don´t think twice, it is not because of the sun.. still shining by the way… ha ha ha!

Celebrity 1 in Turre
Celebrity 2 in Mojacar
Celebrity 3 in Mojacar

6 Responses to “Celebrities Cult”

  1. dovelove Says:

    I’m especially likin’ the top one, all that blonde hair, the blue-speckled wall, the beverage, and that wonderful red-violet color. Violet and other purples, love ’em so much 🙂 Ahhh, and that last one, that is an awesome feature, the human face on the chihuahau! I can just imagine her (Bea Arthur, lol) calling him her “little man,” heh 🙂

  2. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Yes, your celebrities look quite famous and the hair and glasses are just the touch! But the celeb with the scarf around his neck at the bottom looks the most familiar. Let’s see – ah – Brad Pitt?

  3. wrjones Says:

    I like it. You are fearless with that brush and it works so well.

  4. Miki Says:

    @ Dove
    Hi Dove, so nice to read your funny comments again! I love all kind of purples too!
    The dog looked really like the little man of the woman by the way… and this is how the human face cam there… I didn´t even do it on purpose, it simply happent, my hand did it alone! Thso chihuahua was looking at me in such a human way!

    Brad Pitt? Oh Susan, I am so disappointed now… am i such a bad portraitist? It is not Brad Pitt, it is John Wayn, of course!

    Thanks Bill… but don´t come too close, that brush will probably splash paint all over another pair of new trousers…

  5. anangeli Says:

    I don’t know how you do it but you do it quit well. Are you never caught “con las manos en la masa” by your models??? You are a very good people painter! My dear, and that chichuahua! I love that detail. Thanks to “dovelove” I saw “him”, “it”? The people – and pets, they probably want to be so polite they act as of they don’t see you.

  6. Miki Says:

    Hola Anangeli y muchas gracias por tu visita y tus comentarios!
    Oh yes, I am sometimes caught with the hands where you say (no idea what it means concretely but I understand the whole expression!). Just that day as I made these sketches. The table close to us were Norwegians and there was amongst them an old lady who really looked like a troll, you know, these Scandinavian faerie tales creatures which live in the woods. Unfortunately she sat all the time in front of me, and looking at me, and I didn´t dare to draw her. But later on she lost the interest and changed her position, and I started to draw her from profile, awfully exaggerating the troll character. But some seconds later she suddenly got up and went directly to me, I had no time to hide anything, she looked in my sketch book, and I, in panik, started turning the pages like crazy, trying to show her many other sketches I had done, especially the ones in colour, telling her:
    “look, these are in colour even!”
    She was quite impressed with them and so I got away with it, but believe me, I was really stressed. And I could feel that Kevin, who was sitting close to me, had understood the whole thing and was trying with big efforts not to laugh. It didn´t make it easier for me!
    But at the end, with a little bit hindsight, what a divine situation!
    But generally I am quite careful with it, and always wear sunglasses so that people don´t know exactly where I am looking…

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