Hola Guapíssima!




Do you know that in Spain, almost each man, when he meets a woman, well-known to him or not, greets her with the words:

“Hola, Guapa!”

which means something like: Hello Beauty!

At the beginning when I came to live in Spain, I always felt very flattered and well about myself and my female condition, when the men greeted me like that. I thought, Spain was definitely the right country for me to live in!

But soon I noticed that every woman, what ever she looks like, is greeted as a Beauty, and my enthusiasm about Spain and above all about myself went on a vertiginous curve downhill… I couldn´t help to compare myself with the ugliest amongst all these Beauties, and not with the most beautiful of course!
Since we arrived here (Provincia de Almeria) , some weeks ago, we go quite regularly to our favourite cafe by the beach, where Kevin reads while I am sketching people. They have some South American male waiters there and one day I noticed that one of them, a typical Argentinian Beau, greeted one client, a real dark beauty, with the words

“Hola Guapissima!”

which is the superlative of “guapa” and means Superbeauty, kind of.

I thought that this was a new way to make a difference between the real beauties, and the monsters. But today, the old lady which you can see in my first sketch came, sat at the table near to us and I heard the Beau say to her:

“Hola Guapissima!”

Well… can somebody tell me why he never calls me “Guapissima” then? And not even “Guapa”? Is it because Kevin is with me and looks quite dangerous, somehow? I hope so! But I am stressed now, and I feel ugly, and you will excuse me if the hands on the sketches are not well-done today!

At least it´s good that Cantueso is not around!!!


Woman with Wine Glass
Man with Mobile

9 Responses to “Hola Guapíssima!”

  1. 100swallows Says:

    Nice drawings, Miki. The guapa or guapísima is not a description of you (one) but just an expression of the guy’s delight at seeing you. Maybe the old lady leaves him big tips.

  2. jane44 Says:

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  3. Miki Says:

    Thank you for your kind comments.
    Do you know what? I don´t no why… but just to see this name, “100swallows” makes me feel happy. I guess I associate a lot of positive and romantic things with swallows, things of my childhood I suppose, and the word “swallows” sounds and looks divine…
    Anyway… I will confess you something… even knowing that the guys don´t really mean our look when they call us guapa and guapissima, I cannot help to feellike Miss World when they call me like that!!! I don´t know if you are a man or a woman, but really, we women,emancipated or not, are still very sensitive to this kind of compliments, even when we know how they are meant… isn´t it incredible? I mean, I am quite an intelligent and rational personal, but when it comes to compliments about my look, I get totally silly and primitive!!!

  4. thebayattic Says:

    Hi Miki,
    It’s been a while since we last said hello !
    I think your sketches are so full of life and catch that “moment in time” with such simplicity – totally uncomplicated – it is what it is – fantastic. I think a sketch can capture so much more than a photograph sometimes !
    Wishing you both well.

  5. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Hola guapisssssssima! I think you are right about the man being careful around Kevin. And i also wonder if he adds the -issima to the end when it is ladies who NEED the flattery in particular, not someone like you who is well loved for her beauty already. ANd I adore these sketches -pure personality and expressive gesture, which is so hard to achieve. . .truly.

  6. Miki Says:

    @ thebayattic
    So kind of you to come and say hello! And you are right, it´s been a while… it is unfortunately so difficult to keep in touch considering the amount of blogs which are published, it is such a pity! But it is always wonderful to hear again from you. And thank you so much for the great compliments!
    And yes, we are both wonderful… we just came back yesterday evening from a three day trip in the Spanish wildness, I sketched a lot (not people though…), it was wonderful!
    I will visit you “there” today and see how YOu are doing!

    I am deep red now!!! Me an my beauty, oh la la!!!!
    Wonderful compliments about my sketches, this means a lot to me!

  7. 100swallows Says:

    I’m glad you like my name. I wanted just Swallows but WordPress said that name was already taken. Then I thought of 10swallows and tried that–unbelievably it was taken too.

    I like them too, very much. I can never get my visiting American friends to understand how important swallows are in the summer here, how they fill the sky and sweep around all the squares and streets so happily in the morning and evening. And then how quiet and sad it is when they suddenly leave in August.

    I can understand about the guapa, guapísima thing. Judging by the photos I’ve seen, you ARE that, so maybe the waiter means it literally in your case. A fruit dealer used to call me “marqués” and “General”. “Buenos días, Sr. Marqués,” he would say. I always smiled but I didn’t like it much. After all, it meant he thought it was absurd that I could actually BE one!

  8. anangeli Says:

    You have made me laugh, Miki…. I wonder where you are from, I thought you were from Spain. Nevertheless I am sure he does not say “GUAPA” or “GUAPISIMA” anymore because of Kevin; that most be it.

    Connsidering your sketches, it seems the man is noT “calibrated” to be a judge of beauty. So I, been from a spanish speaking world influenced by Spain “mores” have to say that “guapa”, may not refer anymore to the inherent physical beauty of the woman, but is a gracious way of welcoming ladies. Now, if the man stared at you and kept his stare as you passed by, that the real intent would be to say “you are beautiful”. YOU ARE AT LEAST called “guapa” , I used to have a hairdresser that said to me: How are you “bruja”? And he accentuated the “Bru-u-uja”

    He always had a mischievious and sexy look when he said it, and it was meant as a compliment (to all his regular clients I later learned), but I was nevertheless, called a witch!!! Moraleja, be happy with guapa!!! Why don’t you try calling him “guapo” to see what happens???? I would liek to know.

  9. Miki Says:


    You have made ma laugh too, Bruja!!!!
    Do you know what? My brother,since he is married to a Spanish woman, call me “Bruja” too, almost all the time! I think he calls his wife like that too, although she is a wonderful lady… he seems to enjoy it…Just when he needs something from me, I might hear a “Guapa” from him…
    I won´t try to call the waiter “Guapo”, I don´t want to stress Kevin too much… who knows, he could come to the idea of behaving like a bull, Kevin I mean…
    But I did it already, when a guy was greeting me with “Hola Guapa!” I answered with “Hola Guapo!”, and believe me, they were quite shocked!

    No, I am not from Spain. I just have been living here for 8 years, and before I was living in Germany, and I was born in France. Asi que soy francesa!

    I am glad that all other names were taken, because the 100 swallows are exactly the amount which make me dream! My memory of swallows go back to France, in my childhood… and it was exactly how you describe it… where I live in Spain, we don´t have many swallows… much more seagulls in fact!
    I find it very funny with the “marques” and “general”!
    El Marques de 100 Golondrinas… how romantic! “Swallowa” is a beautiful word in each language, isn´t?
    The Spaniards use to call my father (“Jean”) “Don Juan”, and he loves it! Well, he had something from a Don Juan when he was younger…
    And concerning me: they love it to call me “Maria Cristina” (my real name is Marie-Christine), and then start singing the popular song:
    “Maria Cristina, quien quiere gobernar…”
    about their former queen…

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